Palestinian Hamas Using (forcing) Children as Human Shields


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Dec 15, 2009


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Feb 12, 2007
Israeli Soldiers Used Children as Human Shield

offetoday Nov 22, 2010 – Two Israeli soldiers convicted for using a Palestinian child as a shield in the war in Gaza early 2009. However, the two inmates were not imprisoned, but only sentenced for three-month trial and demotions.

Thus was the Israeli military verdict, Sunday, November 21, 2010, as quoted by Haaretz newspaper pages. They were staff sergeants, and now they were both promoted to slope position as sergeants. These soldiers were charged in early October on charges of inappropriate behavior and exceeding authority. They forced a 9 years old Palestinian child to open a bag that allegedly contained explosives. It happened during Israel's military operation in the city of Tel al-Hawa, Gaza, in January 2009.

They were the first convicted on charges of using other people as human shields. It is forbidden in Israeli military regulations. The judge told the court that they have hurt the child and leave the heavy mental burden. However, the judge added that the public can not rule out the difficult conditions faced by Israeli soldiers on the battlefield.

An Arab Israeli lawmaker, Ahmed Tibi, responses the light punishment that these soldiers have received, he said the verdict showed that the lives of Arab people is cheaper than the life of a Jew.

"Most of this system is to convey the message that the lives of Arab people, especially Palestine children's lives, completely worthless. So not surprisingly, until now, hundreds of Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli soldiers, and no court and any criticism against them, "said Tibi.

Breaking News Today » Israeli Soldiers Used Children as Human Shield

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