No matter how good you are, you will still be evil in someone’s story


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Aug 25, 2022
Throughout the journey we are passing by, we come across hundreds and thousands of people. The way you live with one individual can be either the same or totally different with the way you live with another person depending on the perception between one another.

One can live a very peaceful life, the life that has got no troubles with people, humble, humorous, social and all that but there will still be people around you who will be negative upon you, won’t like you and hate you for no reason. That’s how humans are, you can’t vibe with every person, you’ll come across some people who will dislike you from the first impression you came across one another for no reason. Sometimes you may try to think or recall maybe if there is anything wrong you did to these people, but finding no answer.

Listen, you can’t live the life that you could be able to please & touch everyone’s soul. No matter how good you are to the people around you or to the people you come across one another, some of them will hate or dislike you for no reason. The same applies on the bad side, no matter how bad or toxic you are in some people’s lives, there will still be people who will always be on your side regardless of anything bad you’ll be involved into. Everyone is living his or her own lane in this world. You can’t force someone to like or support you just be because of the things you do to them, because there are people who like you pricelessly, for no reason. So some stuffs are just natural, if you don’t vibe you don’t. Something literally funny, is that you can get support from the people you never expected them to do so in your life, don’t get surprised in the world full of wonders.

The moment you realize this and live with the nature of how things work, you will let yourself free from embarrassments or disappointments from the people around you. Remember even our Savior Jesus Christ, the only son of our Almighty Lord, was denied and rejected by some people despite of his miracles, glory, power and what our father sent him to do on earth. Therefore, do not stress yourself trying to prove that you are good in other people’s lives, if you vibe you really vibe, if you don’t then let it be as it was meant to be.


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Nov 9, 2019
You have said it all bro. I love your article. In this world, you should live in accordance with your set principles. it is impossible to be loved by every person around you.

Something important to keep in mind is that, do what your inner soul tells you that, that's good for the people. Don't aim at harming somebody intentionally. If some one else then comes out and curse you for no reason, Go will be on your side.

Andrew Ikingura


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Nov 26, 2018
Huna habari na mambo ya watu, ni wewe na mambo yako na mambo yangu tu...
Haha kila mtu ashughulike na mambo yake…
Ukiona huko busy kushughulika na mambo ya watu ambao hawakuhusu ujue system ya kichwa haiko vizuri…

S/he needs new setup key 😁


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Jan 3, 2014
Haha kila mtu ashughulike na mambo yake…
Ukiona huko busy kushughulika na mambo ya watu ambao hawakuhusu ujue system ya kichwa haiko vizuri…

S/he needs new setup key 😁
Najivunia kukunyosha haswa na umenyoka...


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Nov 18, 2017
Ile dikishonari yangu Sijui niliweka wapi

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