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Nigeria Inaonyesha Symptoms za Rwanda Genocide?

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by niweze, Jul 25, 2011.

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    niweze JF-Expert Member

    Jul 25, 2011
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    Bomb rocks troubled northeastern Nigerian city


    MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Reuters) - Several people were wounded in a bomb blast in Maiduguri on Saturday, a city in remote northeastern Nigeria which has been plagued by almost daily attacks from a radical Islamist sect.
    "Three soldiers have been injured in the Saturday evening bomb blast that occurred close to the Palace of the Shehu of Borno," Hassan Mohammed, an officer in the Joint Task Force (JTF) told Reuters.
    The Shehu is a traditional ruler in Borno state, one of the poorest regions in Africa's most populous nation, close to borders with Chad, Cameroon and Niger.
    Witnesses at a local hospital said at least one body from the blast site had been brought to the mortuary.
    Boko Haram, which wants sharia law more widely applied across Nigeria, has claimed responsibility for almost daily bombings and shootings in Borno, mostly targeting police, churches and drinking spots.
    The JTF have been accused of using indiscriminate force in retaliation to the attacks, leading to the deaths of civilians and the destruction of homes. The government said there have been only isolated misdemeanours by soldiers.
    The heightened clashes between the JTF and Boko Haram forced thousands to flee Maiduguri earlier this month. Violence has killed more than 150 people in the city this year.
    Bomb blasts in the north have replaced militant attacks on oil facilities hundreds of kilometres (miles) way in the southern Niger Delta as the main security threat in Nigeria. The United States and European Union have condemned the violence.
    Boko Haram strikes have spread farther afield in recent months, including a bomb in the car park of national police headquarters in the capital, Abuja, last month.
    Bomb rocks troubled northeastern Nigerian city | Top News | Reuters
    Extra-judicial killings in Nigeria (shocking footage) - Global Dashboard – Blog covering International affairs and global risks Nigeria: Post-Election Violence Killed 800 - Promptly Prosecute Offenders, Address Underlying Causes (Page 1 of 3)


    My Take:

    Kuna sababu kuangalia mabomu na mauaji yanayotokea Nigeria kwa kutumia lenses za Rwanda genocide. Kumekuwa na mauaji ya kila aina Nigeria na mataifa mengi yanaonekana kuwaachia Wanageria wenyewe ku-sort out their problems. Ukweli ni kwamba Nigeria imekuwa ikiandamwa na divisions za kila aina kuanzia ukabila na udini. Tangu mwaka huu Raisi Goodluck achaguliwe kama mkristo wa south (Nigeria rich oil delta) kumeonekana mauaji ya milipuko ya mabomu yamukuwa yanaongezeka. Sasa hivi tumeona jinsi gani UN ilivyokuwa occupied na Arab Spring na other economic issues, Je UN watakumbuka Nigeria kwenye vikao vyao? Kuna uwezekana mkubwa kabisa Nigeria itaingia kwenye phase kubwa ya genocide kutokana na hali ya kisiasa, udini na ukabila. Tunajiamdaaje kupokea genocide news kutoka Africa tena?
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    Jasusi JF-Expert Member

    Jul 25, 2011
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    One major difference between what is happening in Nigeria and what happened in Rwanda is that Rwanda's massacres were organized from the top down. That is why a lot of former government leaders have been arrested and convicted of genocide. In Nigeria I would equate it with criminality, religious intolerance and mob injustice meaning that the government has the power still to nip this in the bud.