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Ni vijana tu ndiyo wataliokoa taifa hili

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Chief Lugina, Feb 2, 2012.

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    Chief Lugina JF-Expert Member

    Feb 2, 2012
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    Our fathers have botched let us prompt to our dreamed youth…

    For long time Tanzanian youth have left outer the political saloon which has brought many blames from these young blood. Politics is an art to manage the country or state. Youth is young blood of nation and active worker of nation. So, it is very necessary and demand of nation that they must take all the responsibility for managing whole country. Without entering in politics, they cannot do any welfare activity at large scale because, after getting fund they can do anything but who will give to them. But, If youth joins politics and make their own Govt. with help of democratic voting system. One can become President of country after this he/she can make the Tanzania as the dream land of World. Where there is no corruption, where there is no violence, where there is no black marketing, where there is no cheating, fraud or scam. But where there is only love, where there is only honesty, where there is only co-operation and co-ordination. So, Youth should join politics for improving it .Because without improving or honesty in politics, there is no possibility of development of Tanzania. Some body criticize with giving arguing that youth can create violence with his hot blood, if we allow them to enter in politics. But, I am against unbalanced (FISADI) youth who want to earn money by selling the country.

    These days, we need youth like Zitto Kabwe, John Mnyika, Makamba Jr,Kafulila and somehow Dr.Kigwangala Hamis (To mention Few) . They are the Hero of Tanzania as most of Tanzanians loves them. In Tanzania, I am seeing such youth who can take the load of all social and economic problems by becoming Young Member of Parliaments, Prime Minister, Ministers, and Ambassadors. But question is that, who brings them in front? If Tanzanian people want to see young Tanzanian, then they should think the role of youth in politics and give them support by their Valuable Votes.

    In established democracies, continuity in fundamental political values through the turnover of generations is necessary to maintain a democratic political system. Insofar as young people endorse the "rules of the game" of an established democracy, their political views will be only marginally different from those of their elders. In such circumstances, the turnover of generations changes who rules, but it does not alter how government works. If young people in such a society rebel against the values of their parents, this would lead to support for anarchic or undemocratic forms of government, destabilizing a democratic system.

    In Tanzania younger generations are faced with the challenge of creating stability in the place of the chronic instability of the past. As well as in Africa, where many countries have alternated between democracy and dictatorship or between different forms of semi-democratic rule, democratic stability is the most precious goal. In post-Communist civilizations, the collapse of old regimes (and of states such as the Libya, Misri) and gains in freedom have been accompanied by the creation of new political and economic uncertainties. The role of youth therefore has very different significance in old and new democracies. In the former, young people face the challenge of fitting into an established political system or making changes. In new democracies, a discredited regime is no more, but young people have the challenge of promoting their country's new freedom by strongly engaging in politics.

    Guys, Iam now awakening you as most of us we ordinary young person who's grown up here in Tanzania, from a township and villageship, who have no reason – none whatsoever – to scare anyone when it comes the case of fighting for our nation. Currently our politicians has found the way to lead youth which is to corrupt a youth and to instruct them to hold in higher esteem those who think(as MAFISADI) alike than those who think differently.

    Our nation is in ICU we are daily realizing how the ministers use that fake accent to address our problems and behave like a spoilt minister (refer to the issue of Doctors)."For long time we were in a political laboratory; and our final findings is to blame ourselves (youth) because we did the mistakes to trust failed politicians and their deadly party.

    Refer to one of the favorable quote. "A man may devote himself to death and destruction to save a nation; but no nation will devote itself to death and destruction to save mankind".
    Chief Lugina
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    MPadmire JF-Expert Member

    Feb 2, 2012
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    Vijana wa Tanzania kila mtu kivyake.

    Hakuna wa kuwaunganisha.

    Tulitegemea wanaharakati wangeunganisha.

    Au Vyama vya upinzani viitishe maandamano

    CCK watusaidie kwa hili