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Namkubalia Halima Mdee!!

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by eumb, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. eumb

    eumb Senior Member

    Jul 12, 2012
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    Soma hii, ndio maana wa Kawe tulimchagua kwenda bungeni sio wengine wanachagua waganga wa kienyeji!!

    Hunting firm illegally leased block to uranium miners` By Patrick Kisembo

    12th July 2012

    The Opposition camp yesterday told the National Assembly about an alleged scam involving two uranium exploring companies and a hunting firm. They are said to have entered into a fraudulent contract apparently facilitating the subletting of the blocks contrary to the law and regulations.
    This surfaced when the opposition tabled its "alternative budget estimates" Game Frontiers of Tanzania Limited, was alleged to have sub-leased Mbarang'andu village in Namtumbo benefiting some of USD6m payable in two phases.
    An additional 250,000 US dollars was set to be paid upon commencement of actual mining activities. Meanwhile, the local villagers are estimate to at best have had a mere s living in the surrounding villages 10,000 USD go into their meager financial capital circulation.
    Shadow minister for Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Halima Mdee named the exploration companies as, Uranium Resources PLC and Western Metals Limited. She also unveiled that the contract was done by a Tanzanian law firm, Rex Attorneys and signed on March, 23, 2007.
    As a result of its presumed illegality, the confidential document is out for all to see and it names, Mohsin M. Abdallah and Nargis M. Abdallah as the owners of Game Frontiers of Tanzania Limited, the leasing party. "…another 55, 000 USD is to be paid annual, on every first of March to compensate the opportunity cost…" Mdee went on to unravel the scandal.
    "I have gone through the Wildlife Conversation Act of 1974 and The Wildlife Conservation Act Number 5 of 2009. These acts allow a person with a hunting permit to only carry hunting activities and not otherwise…" she further explained.
    She added that in accordance to the land laws of 1999 should a piece of land allocated for other purposes and then later be found to contain minerals then ownership returns to the government or the individual.

    Kambi upinzania imesema Tanzania imegeuzwa shamba la bibi na kikundi cha mafisadi ambapo imeshuhudia mkataba ilioingiwa baina ya kampuni za Uranium Resourses PLC, Western Metals Limited na Game Frontiers of Tanzania Limited.

    Mkataba ambao umetengenezwa na Kampuni ya Kitanzania ya REX ATTORNEYS Machi 23, 2007, unaihusu kampuni ya uwindaji, inayofahamika kwa jina la Game Frontiers of Tanzania Limited inayomilikiwa na Mohsin M. Abdallah na Nargis M. Abdallah.
    Mdee alisema kampuni hiyo ya uwindaji, imeingia mkataba na kampuni mbili za kigeni, za kufanya utafiti wa uchimbaji wa madini ya uranium katika Kijiji cha Mbarang'andu.
    Alisema sheria za uhifadhi wa wanyamapori ya mwaka 1974 (Sheria ya zamani) na Sheria mpya The wildlife Conservation Act, Act no 5 of 2009. Sheria hizi zinamruhusu mtu aliye na leseni ya uwindaji, kuwinda wanyama tu.
    Aliongeza kuwa kambi hiyo inaitaka serikali ilieleze Bunge uhalali wa mkataba kati ya Game Frontiers na Uranium Resourses PLC na Western Metals.
    Source; Tanzania Daima
  2. k

    kula kwa tindo JF-Expert Member

    Jul 12, 2012
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    Mkumbushe kuhusu vikao na wapigakura wake viwe sehemu ya ratiba zake... Asijisahau mda unaenda...
  3. G

    Gad ONEYA JF-Expert Member

    Jul 12, 2012
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    you thick headed gambas, it's of shame that you are blind to see critical issues that deprive our country of her rightful benefits from the resources we have in the land! instead, unaonyesha mapenzi mazito kabisa kwa chama chako kuliko madudu ambayo chama chalo kinasimamia!