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Mugabe: Siasa na Dini

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Nyambala, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Haya kwa wale maqshabiki wa dini kwenye siasa sikilizeni huyu naye anavyomanipulate mambo. Yaani tu kwa sababu kanisa lake limepinga namna utawala wake unavyoendesha mambo tayari ameshawapachika ubaguzi wa rangi. Africa namna hii sijui kama tutafika kweli!!!

    Mugabe disowns Roman Catholic Church

    By Godfrey Mtimba
    Friday, 22 April 2011 16:15

    MASVINGO - President Robert Mugabe disowned and criticised his Roman Catholic church for condemning his Zanu PF party's 31 year rule stranglehold on power which has led to the Vatican clergy calling him an oppressor, the 87 year old leader said at indigenous church gathering in Masvingo.

    Mugabe who all of a sudden has been rallying for support in indigenous churches across the country, addressed members of the Zimbabwe Christian Church (ZCC) at the official opening of their 18 000 seater multiple purpose conference centre at Mbungo estates in Masvingo.

    Mugabe lashed out at the Roman Catholic Church where he was baptised and is a member saying the church is now against him together with other Western headquartered churches who criticise his 31 year old rule.

    He said he has turned to churches led by indigenous black people like various Apostolic sects and ZCC, as his party intensifies efforts to win the support of the churches ahead of elections to be held later this year.

    Mugabe said despite being born in the Catholic Church, the Vatican headquartered church Bishops and priests have been on the fore front of attacking and criticising his continued stay in power and accusing him of being an oppressor.

    "Even though I was born in this church, their bishops are all over me on a daily basis. They attack me and criticise me because they are led by the whites who have their interest and agendas. They say I am an oppressor because they are not happy that the country is being led by a blackman," said Mugabe.

    Ironically Zimbabwe's liberations struggle received immense support from the Roman Catholic Church priests and Bishops. Mugabe accused white bishops and priests of blacks unfairly saying that they want black people to treat them like Gods.

    "The way they do their things in the church is not fair to the local black majority in our own country. When we go to worship the lord they want us to treat them in a special way, actually they want to be treated like small Gods when they are just people with a white skin," he said.

    Mugabe added that he would focus his attention on getting support from the locally based churches because they are led by indigenous people who want black empowerment like the ZCC leader, Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, who had earlier own showered praises on him and assured him of support from his huge followership in the country, before calling Mugabe ‘a God anointed leader of Zimbabwe.'

    Mutendi who owns several schools in the province was later rewarded with a farm to construct an Agricultural University in Chinhoyi, Mugabe's home province after he had pledged support for him while delivering his sermon in the conference centre.

    "We now realise we have church leaders who are blacks and lead their people in a holy way like ZCC and certain apostolic sects that were formed in the 1930s but were banned by the former colonialist. Black people should lead churches in the country because we own this country. We cannot be continued to be led by Bishops with old ideologies like those of the Smiths and Rhodes who suppressed our people," Mugabe said.

    Mugabe, however turned to his usual tirade of attack on the West saying he would not allow any foreign investment in the country from Britain and the United States.

    "We are now for black empowerment and we do not need any more companies from the Western countries to come here. All their companies here should be led by our own sons and daughters and we will make sure that they get that opportunity.

    "People just respect people from the West because they have the white skins but some of them are not even educated. They never went to the University or completed ‘O' level but they get respect from some of us especially those we are trying to work together with," he said referring to the MDC party in the inclusive government.

    Zanu PF has turned to coercing support from local church sects over the past year in a bid to raise its support base following growing unpopularity that led to the party‘s dismal defeat by arch rivals MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai in the March 2008 harmonised elections.

    The elections were followed by a violent one man presidential re-run election which Mugabe claimed victory after the former had pulled out sitting violence.

    Senior Zanu PF supporters who have addressed indigenous Apostolic churches in the last months include Vice President Joice Mujuru and Information and Publicity Minister Webster Shamhu.