Mugabe against spin masters


Jun 18, 2008
Ifuatayo ni hotuba ya Mugabe iliyoleta big media buzz


Extracts of Robert (and Grace) Mugabe's statements June 14
Robert and Grace Mugabe

As published in The Sunday Mail (Harare) June 15 2008

Robert Mugabe
"As we bid farewell to Lieutenant-General Chingombe, we remain mindful of the fact that Zimbabwe's sovereignty is under threat and challenge. The flag he hoisted is once again threatened. We have become the focus of Britain, America and their European allies. As I address you, Mr Bush has provided US$7 million for the opposition's use coming through indirect means. Mr Brown, the Prime Minister of Britain, continues to interfere in our internal affairs, making us a subject matter, a very regular one, of British policy as if we remain a permanent colony of Britain. So the enemies we fought yesterday are with us again.

Once again, we want to make it clear to the British and Americans that we are no one's subject, and never will be. We are the subject of ourselves, and we belong to ourselves. This country shall not again come under the rule and control of the white man, direct or indirect. We are masters of our destiny. Equally, anyone who seeks to undermine our land reform programme, itself the bedrock of our politics from time immemorial, seeks and gets war. On these two interrelated matters we are very clear. We are prepared to go to war. We are prepared to fight for our country if we lose it that same way it was lost nanaMbuya Nehanda.

As a people, we must define clear political taboos, clear boundaries for rituals of governance. It cannot be right to sanctify and celebrate the institution of opposition when its politics go against the very essence of our nationhood.... It cannot be right when interests of hostile foreign powers overturn and subvert the will of our people in the name of democracy. Surely, democracy cannot mean the right to pawn sovereignty. Sovereignty is not and cannot ever be a property for any outsider."
These are extracts from remarks made by Mugabe at the burial of Retired Lieutenant-General Amoth Nobert Chingombe on June 14 2008. Source: Sunday Mail (Harare) June 15 2008

Robert Mugabe:
"Let us take the initiative in the areas of development that we wish to pursue. Kwete kuti Zanu-PF yagarisa ngaichibva [We should not be seen to complain that Zanu-PF has been in power for too long]. We are the custodians of Zimbabwe's legacy. We will only pass this on to those we know are fully aware of the party's ideology; those who value the country's legacy. We will pass on leadership to them, telling them to go forward. But as long as the British still want to come back here, I will not grow old; until we know we no longer have sellouts among us.

If there are (opposition) parties that go to the people promoting what they have to offer, that's fine. But not those that are used by the Americans and the British to reverse the revolution."

You should consider carefully. Did you consider carefully (in the last election) or you were moved by prices? This is voting against yourselves. We have walked a long way with Zanu-PF. Zanu-PF fought for you, for our rights, land and for a bright future. This legacy should not simply be vanquished by the stroke of a pen at the ballot just because ‘I am not getting any basic goods'. That is not the way to do it.

Did you vote with the knowledge of what this party stands for? Is this what you want - colonialists to come back? So why then did our ancestors and cadres die? This country cannot be sold by the stroke of a pen...

Let us have straight politics. Let us not support the lost, let us not support charlatans. Let us remember our journey, our struggle. Let us unite. Let us not disown our family because of high prices, lack of jobs and goods as well as transport problems....

Some want to destroy Government. They say people, if they suffer, will turn against Government and vote against them just as you did. That is what the British want. But we want the sanctions to end."

First Lady Grace Mugabe:
"The President works hard for us. But often one does not appreciate what they have until it's gone. We are blessed with a leader who understands our needs. Let us not be sellouts. We are not voting for President Mugabe, but we are voting for Zanu-PF and our country; for what Zimbabwe stands for. Let us remain united, and do this for the future generations."

These are extracts from the remarks of Robert and Grace Mugabe to a rally at Pfupajena Stadium in Chegutu on June 14 2008. Source: Sunday Mail (Harare) June 15 2008


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....Dua, pls attach hiyo picha kwenye file.... halafu weka warning ya mtu kufungua kuwa iko grossy... thanx
DUA labda uiache, apologetics wa Mugabe wajue ukweli ni upi!
ambao mpaka sasa wanaona kwamba watu wanaopigwa na kunyanyaswa Zimbabwe ni makosa ya Bush na wenzake!

We have said countless of times what Mugabe is doing is just terror, sio violence za uchaguzi! And thats what you can see, forget hundreds in rural areas what they are going thru!
You are so funny! Sasa wewe mbona umei-posti?

Nimecheka sina mbavu!

I was brave enough to overcome my fears.Am just being considerate for the timid-hearted like SteveD.
I was brave enough to overcome my fears.Am just being considerate for the timid-hearted like SteveD.

Sasa kama uko considerate, mbona ukai posti tena? Hivi wabongo sijui tunaelewa double-talk ni kitu gani? LOL!
Hivi hizi siasa za sisi waasisi zitaisha lini ? Hivi wenzetu pia wanalia na kuwa waasisi ama ni sisi tu waafrika na njama za kuua haki za wananchi ?
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