Monthly Technical Reviews on Gold, Silver and Bitcoin (August 2016)


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Jun 24, 2015

Dominant Bias: Bullish

Gold moved upwards in the first few days of July and then began to consolidate to the downside. The downside consolidated was conspicuous from July 13 to 27. But in the last few trading days, price started moving upwards gradually – an action that saves the current bullish bias in the market. Since the bias is bullish, it is normal to expect price to continue going upwards, seeing the downside consolidation in the middle of July as an opportunity to buy.


Dominant Bias: Bullish

Just like Gold, Silver also started July 2016 on a bullish note, but began to correct downwards in the middle of the month (especially from July 11 to 27). Price managed to end July on a bullish note, and thus, might continue trending upwards. This is a bull market, in spite of machinations of bears. In August, dips in the market would offer good opportunities to go long at better prices, for bulls might be able to target the resistance levels at 21.0000, 22.5000 and 23.0000.


Dominant Bias: Neutral

Bitcoin has become a flat market. Price has been moving sideways for weeks, though it is volatile. This kind of volatility is has not taken the market anywhere, save transient bearish movements, alternated by transient bullish movements, which are nothing significant on higher time horizons. There is currently a struggle between bulls and bears, and price would begin to trend strongly when one group is dominated, i.e. when the market goes out of balance. That is exactly what would happen in August.

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