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Mbio za Arsenal, ManU na Chelsea....Robo anena. Je wewe nn mtizamo wako?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Shadow, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    Mar 24, 2010
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    Robbo's title run-in

    Post categories: Football
    Robbo Robson | 13:03 UK time, Monday, 22 March 2010

    OK. I've combed the fixture list - first thing I've combed since me wedding day - and I reckon I can announce who is going to win the Premier League - and how (with a little help from the BBC Sport Premier League Predictor). (And if you want to see Match of the Day 2's effort, click here.)
    Wednesday 24 March
    Pompey 1 Chelsea 2. Didier Drogba's early opener is equalised when the tiniest man in Portsmouth gets above Paulo Ferreira to score an equaliser. Drogba is on the floor, but the physio brings on a dummy and just when it looks like he's going to spit it out, Frank Lampard sneaks in for the winner.
    United 69 Chelsea 68 Arsenal 67
    Saturday 27 March
    Birmingham 0 Arsenal 2; Bolton 1 Man Utd 3.
    Christian Benitez is unavailable, as a bloke called Chucho wants his shirt back and
    Stephen Carr remembers why he retired, as that cat Andrey Arshavin treats him like a ball of wool. Easy win. United recover from the shock of a Bolton Wanderers team employing the sides of their feet to shift the ball around the park, and a late brace by Wayne Rooney seals it.
    Chelsea 1 Villa 1
    Chelsea comfortably in charge (after Drogba's early opener) until Martin O'Neill brings on Emile Heskey as a late substitute and John Terry is caught hopelessly out of position for the big man's equaliser.
    United 72 Arsenal 70 Chelsea 69
    [​IMG]Bob Crow knows a lot about strikers
    Saturday 3 April
    Arsenal 4 Wolves 1; Man Utd 1 Chelsea 1
    In the interests of fair play, Mick McCarthy picks a Wolverhampton Weight-Watchers XI and Arsenal tear them apart. The Big One is a niggly affair, with Drogba's early opener equalised in the 19th minute of injury time by Federico Macheda.
    United 73 Arsenal 73 Chelsea 70
    Saturday 10 April
    Tottenham 2 Arsenal 1
    'Arry's got fewer strikers than a Willie Walsh boardroom, so up front he pairs a portly Clive Allen with [ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Crow"]Bob Crow of the RMT.[/ame] A rare outing for Lucasz Fabianski results in two late goals for Spurs - the winner coming from a Sol Campbell backpass. Arsene Wenger blames the fourth official.
    Sunday 11 April
    Blackburn 0 Man United 1
    Gary Neville scores the winner. The goal celebrations are not shown before the watershed.
    Tuesday 13 April
    Chelsea 2 Bolton 0
    After Drogba's early opener, a lot of huffing and puffing until Salomon Kalou tucks away a late winner. Police are still seeking the rider of the motorbike that left the tyre-marks on the top of his head.
    United 76 Arsenal 73 Chelsea 73
    Saturday 17 April
    Man City 2 Man Utd 1
    Huge setback for United as the nouveau riches plunder the points after a World Cup place-winning performance by the brilliant Adam Johnson - what a player and thank goodness Middlesbrough unearthed such a jewel for the nation, eh? Rooney is injured.
    Tottenham 1 Chelsea 2
    After Drogba's early opener, Spurs struggle - but Jermain Defoe looks to have earned a point when he tucks away an offside sitter. However, Alex wins the points for the Blue Meanies with a 70-yard free-kick. Carlo Ancelotti insists he is unsurprised, but Nasa are quick to announce that they are launching a mission to recover the boss's left eyebrow from the ionosphere.
    Sunday 18 April
    Wigan 0 Arsenal 5
    "It's always a question of which Wigan will turn up", suggests 5Live's Mike Ingham. Turns out it's the one that hovers in the doorway wondering whether it should have left the house this morning. Nicklas Bendtner is unchallenged so frequently it looks like Titus Bramble's on his Blackberry. Jason Scotland makes a start up front again... but it's not a name to inspire footballing confidence.
    United 76 Arsenal 76 Chelsea 76
    (It's close or what, folks?)
    Saturday 24 April
    Arsenal 2 Man City 2
    Roberto Mancini leaves Patrick Vieira on the bench - the one outside the big Asda at Eastlands. Emmanuel Adebayor scores for Citeh -and starts a mad dash towards the new Clock End in waiting.
    Stewards bring him to the ground and an almighty melee ensues. Toure nabs a goal 'n all, but Arsene Wenger is delighted with his players' "tenacity, spirit, technical ability and lovely pretty passing" as Samir Nasri and Alex Song score to earn the Gunners a point.
    Sunday 25 April
    Chelsea 2 Stoke 1; Man U 1 Spurs 1
    After Drogba's early opener, a Rory Delap long-throw is headed in by... well, someone... and it takes the return of Michael Essien to prompt victory.
    [​IMG]Will Drogba be on the scoresheet again?
    Rooney is unfit and the X-rays of his metatarsal are selling in the tabloids for 50 grand a pop - but United still grab a penalty after Valencia is pulled back in the centre-circle. Bob Crow nabs a brave equaliser, despite a crunching challenge from Nemanja Vidic. Crow refuses to play on 'cos of concerns for the safety of his members.
    Chelsea 79 Man U 77 Arsenal 77
    Saturday 1 May
    Blackburn 1 Arsenal 2; Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1; Sunderland 1 Man Utd 3
    Mayday! Mayday! Arsenal are in trouble until El-Hadji Diouf gets sent off for spitting at a corner-flag and kicking himself in the head.
    A late winner from Thomas Vermaelen seals the points. At Anfield, after Drogba's early opener, Liverpool get a deserved draw. Fernando Torres knocks spots off the pitch and John Terry. Steven Gerrard's point-grabbing penalty, scored after a dubious plummet by the skipper, is tucked away confidently after he's removed the wetsuit and flippers.
    At the Stadium of Light, Scholesy and Giggsy are chatting about their box sets of Lark Rise to Candleford when Fergie calls them on to nab a goal each as United comfortably overturn a surprisingly cheerful Steve Bruce.
    Man U 80 (GD +51) Arsenal 80 (GD +50) Chelsea 80 (GD +47)
    Sunday May 9
    The last Sunday.... it looks a tad forlorn for Chelsea, but wait! They've got Wigan at home! Arsenal are confronting a Fulham team obsessing about their Europa Cup Final against Liverpool. And United welcome back Wayne Rooney with his metatarsal magically healed, following tea and a chat with some old dear called Eileen Drewery.
    Chelsea go goal-crazy at the Bridge - even Michael Ballack looks interested. United can't bag a second against a resolute Stoke. Arsenal need another to ensure victory against Fulham and they get it through the Ghost of Michael Thomas. The final scores are: Man U 1 Stoke 0; Arsenal 2 Fulham 0; Chelsea 5 Wigan 0.
    Final table:
    Man U 83 (+52); Arsenal 83 (+52); Chelsea 83 (+52)
    And Arsenal are champions on goals scored. Ridiculous.
    And here's the thing: it could really be this close. Count every goal, my friends. This is the best season in living memory.
    nb: If you want to find out who will finish top, use the Premier League Predictor (you only need to fill in the results of the 'Big Three').

    Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/robborobson/2010/03/robbos_title_runin.html
  2. Tripo9

    Tripo9 JF-Expert Member

    Mar 24, 2010
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    I like this.
    The Goonerzzzz hureeeee....

    Lets hope so
  3. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    Utabiri wa kwanza umetimia, Chelsea kashinda. sasa tuangalie jmosi. Kumbuka Everton kamnyamazisha Man City.
  4. M

    Mokoyo JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    Arsenal ndio mabingwa msimu huu, no doubt
  5. Next Level

    Next Level JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    ...huo utabiri wa Chelsea mechi ya jana umeniacha hoi .......walitabiri Drogba to score the opener .....and yes he did that......then Frank Lampard to score the winner.....and yes he did that.......! unaweza kuwa utabiri wote unatimia........!
  6. Emanuel Makofia

    Emanuel Makofia JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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  7. banizle

    banizle JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    huu ni upuuzi. lets wait n see time will tell.
  8. nguvumali

    nguvumali JF Bronze Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    si upuuzi na ndio maana umechukua muda wako kusoma maoni ya wenzako, kama huwezi kuchangia thread hulazimishwi hata kidogo .
    kiutaratibu kama mambo ya michezo yamekupita kushoto potezea forum ya michezo.
  9. bona

    bona JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    i think man utd will win it, some people have been talkin about arsenal having easier run bla bla ect trust me, man utd love the big matches, and when a lot is at stake man utd ending winning it all see records of tight matches consecutively played by man utd in the last 3 season, arsenal on the other hand have the ability of loosing confidence when they loose, in most of the time after loosing one they end up not winning at least two other in a row for arsenal fans see the records in the last 3 season of the matches results after they lost one match, so i think when they will loose against barca which we all know it is goin to happen arsenal will not win at least two more, for man utd winning when it matters most is there greatest strenght! watch out, needless to mention they dont surrender the top stop that easily when they are there especially with 7 matches left
  10. Katavi

    Katavi Platinum Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    Hili jukwaa halikufai!
  11. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    Ngoja tusubiri wikiendi hii tuone sehemu ya pili ya utabiri wa Robo. I love this game!!
  12. Belo

    Belo JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    Utabiri wangu ni kama ufuatavyo
    Man U atapoteza point 5(1 loss and 1 draw hasa kwenye game za Chelsea,Man City,Spurs)
    Arsenal atapoteza point 4 (2 draw hasa kwenye game za Birmingam,Fulham,Spurs,Man City)
    Chelsea atapoteza point 7(1 loss 2 draw kwenye game za Villa,Liverpool,Man U,Spurs)
    Man U na Arsenal watalingana point but Man U ana tofauti kubwa ya magoli ya kufunga na kufungwa atakuwa bingwa na Chelsea watashika nafasi ya 3
  13. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    Mkuu Belo, ngoja tuone huo utabiri wako kadri siku zinavyojifunua.
  14. Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Oxlade-Chamberlain JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    mie nitasubiri mpaka siku ya mwisho.

    "Football is not as predictable or scientific as some people think and sometimes people are wrong on what they say".Arsene Wenger a.k.a "The proffesor"
  15. RayB

    RayB JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    Huyu jamaa nampa 5 na cheers kwa wingi nnooo hap kwa Arsenal
  16. firstcollina

    firstcollina JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    Acha woga mtoto!
    Unaanza kumshikisha Mungu at this end stage baada ya kuona mambo kavile yankujakuja eheee!. Just wait and see when you play against Man City.
    Whoever support Man U will have an everlasting Joy
  17. firstcollina

    firstcollina JF-Expert Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    Just for your memories
    'Man U is a special Club, for there it is special it needs special people like me" Jose Morinho.
    Wadau iacheni hii club, is unpredictable just wait and see
  18. Balantanda

    Balantanda JF-Expert Member

    Mar 26, 2010
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    And you too have to wait and see when you play against Man City and Chelsea....hahaaaaaaaaaaa,ligi ya mwaka huu tamu kweli
  19. Abraham

    Abraham Senior Member

    Mar 26, 2010
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    To be sincere I can see most of the predictions happening, and although Im a man u fan , I dont have that confident to say we will definetely win this season. It has been a difficult but entertaining season ever!

    Lets wait and see as the events unfolds!
  20. Shadow

    Shadow JF-Expert Member

    Mar 26, 2010
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    Ngoja tuone Mkuu Abraham