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Nov 20, 2007
He tried hard enough
To make me grab my A4 wood
And for a moment, gazed at the blank spaces
Thought and scrutinized
If it was worth it, or otherwise

For all I really wanted
An end to the mouth work
And a beginning of the ear vibrations
The nodding, sighing
And most of all, the understanding

All I ever wanted
A different atomic structure
Another chemical formula
A new bond formation
No matter what it takes

So, all I wanted was a moment
To reflect may be read
Into the vocal chords
From the grey matter, down the spinal cord
Probing, for a better amplification

So deep I could see the nerves
One by one, tap the axon
Surge in the dendrites
Freely and swiftly, yet vigilantly
Not to plunge the impulse

And so I set out
With my frontal lobe, I had a plan
My atrial node, fully aggravated
For I knew I wanted it more than anything
Until he…

He clogged my path, restricted my plan
And came up with a '‘mindpiece''
'‘Giving it all up'' and what for?
To be human
To have a fragile heart and a dawdling brain

My mind stopped and my heart decelerated
In negation
'‘Retaliation''. Nay! Wouldn't call it that
So I sat him down
And asked of him but one thing, '‘Notes taking''

And he thought he had seen it all
The adrenalin rush
The acrobatic spin
And the best of all…the alarm!
I had just smiled…

Mzee Mwanakijiji

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Mar 10, 2006
very cute and interesting Suki.. I see a huge talent there.. loved it especially the biological nature of the whole poem..! Kudos!

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