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Lunatics having a plane ride

Discussion in 'Jokes/Utani + Udaku/Gossips' started by Majoja, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Majoja

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    Aug 8, 2011
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    About thirty lunatics were being transported by plane to another holding facility(Mirembe like).
    They were thought to be recovered enough not to be escorted by a warden to their new destination.
    Th take of was smooth and the pilot was heard to encourage them to un-dfasten their seat belts, relax and generally take it easy.
    Then pandemonium broke loose, there was hoolabaloo in the cabin prompting the pilot to put the plane on auto-pilot so that he can check first hand as to the source of the problem.
    The plane was dangerously wobbling from one side to the other when the pilot opened the cabin door.
    The lunatics were throwing seat pillows at each other and making merry, congratulating themselves for having made it out from the strict hilding prison that they had left.
    The pilot obseverd that in alll the mayhem, one chap seated at one of the far ends was very composed and generally un amused at all the hoolablaoo.
    The pilot, needing an eaxtra hand asked him if he could hel.
    "Certainly, pilot" he quiped
    "These guys are still crazy, I am only the fit person in this flight"the man explained.
    Encouraged the pilot went back to the cockpit.
    Within half an hour the plane was quite, tranquil and very calm-to the amazement of the pilot.
    He went back to the cabin and there was no sight of any of the lunatics-but the composed man was still there-very sane and composed.
    "What happened to the rest " the pilot asked
    'Ah' the man answered
    "It was easy, I just asked them that he who wants to play rugby, please do it out side.And they all went out through that door"
    Th pilot fainted