Leaders of the Ahmadiyya from Sub-Saharan Africa participated in the Seminar to discuss the challenges of ethics


May 20, 2022
Leaders of the Ahmadiyya Community from Sub-Saharan Africa have gathered in Tanzania for a two-day seminar (20th April and 21st 2024). The seminar, held in Dar es Salaam, focuses on discussing ethical issues in the participating countries.

The participants include leaders aged 40 and above, following the guidance of the Head of the Community, who resides in the UK and has sent two representatives to conduct the seminar.

Also, other topics being discussed include the role of elders in society, religious matters, global security concerns, and the need for regional and international cooperation.

Some of the countries participating are Tanzania, Cameroon, Malawi, the United Kingdom, the Central African Republic, Kenya, DR Congo, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Burundi.

Kaidi Majlis Ansarullah Tanzania Ahmadiyya, Dr. Swaleh Pazi, said that the world is currently facing wars that require significant contributions from religious leaders in order to move forward.
He continued to explain that several disasters are being reported in different parts of the world, including the outbreak of wars that cause great security concerns, an increase in moral decay, and the disruption of diplomatic relations between countries.

The understanding of the participants will be strengthened to enable them to effectively fulfill their spiritual responsibilities in serving humanity and improving global security, making it a better place to live.

There is no worshipping without peace. Ongoing conflicts in the Middle East could easily be resolved if the table of dialogue were used.

"Our target is establish and enhance ways to maintain peace, enabling us to preach our religions easily, provide education to our people, and implement other programs that will benefit humanity," he stated.

"Furthermore, he has stated that the seminar will provide recommendations and implementation strategies for leaders in the respective countries, so that the community can achieve its intended goal, with a focus on strengthening family values."

He added, "We recognize the efforts of President Samia Suluhu Hassan's government in combating moral decay in the country, but religious leaders have a great responsibility to increase those efforts at the family level to build a better nation."

Representative from the headquarters of the Community in the United Kingdom, Abdul Talukdar, stated that they recently held a peace conference in London, UK, which showed what needs to be done. That is because all religions preach peace, so that the world can achieve the intended security.

Participant from Kenya, Abdulaziz Gakuria contributed by saying that technological advancements, especially the presence of social media networks, have disrupted the upbringing of children. Several issues have emerged, including same-sex marriages, homosexuality, and lesbianism, which require significant contribution from elders to restore moral values in our countries."
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