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Kwa mtindo huu scammers watawakamata wengi

Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by Mzuzu, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. Mzuzu

    Mzuzu JF-Expert Member

    Jan 30, 2010
    Joined: Jul 11, 2007
    Messages: 487
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    Wadau wamenitumia mail hii nikawa curious kuona kama wamebadilisha nika fungua na kukuta in ile ile page ya yahoo ya kuingilia kufungua mail nilipotazama web adress nikakuta ni so kama hautakuwa mwangalifu utatoa details zako kwa scammers hasa kwa wale ambao hawana experience sana na scams

    Dear Yahoo Member

    It has come to our attention that your Yahoo Mail records are out of date. That requires you to update the Billing Information. Failure to update your records will result in account termination. Please update your records within 24 hours. Once you have updated your account records, your Yahoo Mail session will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. Failure to update will result in cancellation of service, Terms of Service future billing problems. You must click the link below and enter your login information on the following page to confirm your Yahoo Mail records..
    Thank You

  2. g

    geek Member

    Jan 31, 2010
    Joined: Feb 12, 2009
    Messages: 85
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    mzee njia pekee ni kutumia internet security tools za uhakika, mimi nimejaribu kuifungua address, nikapata warning kuwa ni malicious site. so fix your security issues.
  3. Abdulhalim

    Abdulhalim JF-Expert Member

    Jan 31, 2010
    Joined: Jul 20, 2007
    Messages: 16,472
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    Trophy Points: 160
    Ni kweli. Ukiimarisha ulinzi hiyo site haionekani.
  4. killo

    killo JF-Expert Member

    Feb 1, 2010
    Joined: Jul 13, 2008
    Messages: 398
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    Hapo kwa wale wanaopenda kuclick click tuuu bila ya kusoma vizuri na kuangalia situation ilivyo ndo watakuona cha moto

    Ambao yamewakuta poleni
  5. Pape

    Pape JF-Expert Member

    Feb 1, 2010
    Joined: Dec 11, 2008
    Messages: 5,513
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  6. RayB

    RayB JF-Expert Member

    Feb 1, 2010
    Joined: Nov 27, 2009
    Messages: 2,755
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    Got this email today, I know some have seen it

    How are you doing!I`m writing this with tears in my eye,I'm sorry I didn't inform you about my trip to UK for a program, I misplaced my bag which included my cash, diary and credit cards and also my cell phone on my way to the hotel.I feel so ashamed because I am so stranded and idle. I would like you to assist me with a loan of 1,350 Pounds to pay my hotel bills and also return back home.I will refund back as soon as I return home,
    I have spoken to the embassy here but they are not responding to the matter effectively, currently have limited access to emails for now.I am confused and so full of panic right now. I do not feel safe here any more.I will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist me with,I'll refund the money back to you as soon as I return, let me know if you can be of any help.You can send it to me through western union money transfer or money gram money transfer since i dont have an account here.
    Please let me know immediately.

    Dismac Matovelo

    NB: Should I change my password now? Is my email account at risk? How do they know my email add? Funny thing about that is, the tears are just coming from one eye, is the guy single-eyed?
  7. Nyambala

    Nyambala JF-Expert Member

    Feb 1, 2010
    Joined: Oct 10, 2007
    Messages: 4,470
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    Trophy Points: 135
    And what about this one?

    These guys are just a joke, lakininadhani kuna watu wanawapata!

    Our ref: BRT/13470/IDR
    Your Ref:...Date: 08/01/2010

    On behalf of the British Government;I Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP,Prime Minister British Government wish to inform you of your selection as one of the Beneficiary for the on going 2009 British Government Poverty Alleviation and Financial Empowerment Program worldwide.All
    participants/beneficiaries were selected randomly from Worldwide online networks Directories as a beneficiary of ?500,000.00(Five Hundred Thousand, Great British Pounds Sterling).
    So, this letter is to officially inform you that two(2) option of payment has been opened for you.
    1)ATM with ATM Card Number {4800010177555014} been accredited in
    your favor. Your Personal Identification Number is 474.
    2)Bank Wire transfer
    Please do indicate your PAYMENT OPTION.
    As this office will mail you a Visa/ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw your funds in any ATM MACHINE CENTER or Visa card outlet in the world with a maximum of ?5000 GBP daily or our contracted paying bank here in London,United Kingdom will make the transfer to you depending on your OPTION OF PAYMENT you have indicated.
    Further more,You will be required to re-confirm your Bio Data as stated below to enable;The Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs,
    begin in processing of your awarded funds.
    (1)Full names:
    (5)Phone #: (6)Age:
    ( Zip Code
    You will be required to send a scanned copy of your passport.
    Forward all your details reply to:
    The Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP
    Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
    Note That the British Government will not be held for the cost of delivery of your funds and can not be deducted from the awarded funds;this is due to the ugly experience had for the past years;so you are entitle to settle the cost of delivery of your awarded funds to you.
    Take notice that you are warned to stop further communications with any other person(s)
    or office(s) different from the staff of the State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
    to avoid hitches in receiving your payment.

    Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP
    Prime Minister
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