vipi hapa.... mbona inaonekana kama ulianza sentensi afu ukatoka baruti!!!?
In real life, law rarely forgives any wrong act. In most of the countries law is clear about punishment. We still hear a lot about forgiving in personal relationships. We are told to forgive the major blunders. We are asked to forgive and forget and continue living as if nothing happened. Does that work? To some extent yes, and to some extent no.

Most of us who have been hurt in relationship do not wish to forgive at all. The result is that we suffer from the pain all our life. We are advised to forgive so that at least we can feel peaceful. If we do not forgive, our own peace is lost forever and we suffer. Forgiveness is for us. To forgive does not always mean that the abuser can continue with the same behavior. You need not tell the abuser that you have forgiven him/her. Let them suffer for what they did. But by forgiving in your own mind, you get peace.

Relationship after forgiving - the relationship can never continue at the same level and intensity after any mistake has been made. No amount of forgiveness can ever bring the relation back.

Bringing relationship back - I have said earlier that no relationship will return to the same old level after a major mistake has been committed. This is true. But what if the partners want to bring it back to the old level? How should they proceed? In this case, the abuser should ask for forgiveness again and again. Only after the victim is satisfied, the forgiveness can become effective to the extent that relationship comes back to normal.
Asante, shy. Ni kweli.
Resentment makes us weaker. We think that it makes less of others, but more so it makes less of ourselves.
Forgiveness makes us stronger, more understanding, because we come to view ourselves not as victims of the world, but as lovers of it.

I had a friend who would not forgive me because he was full of hatred. Now he is the one suffering, while I have forgiven him for his hatred and am free. I know that it is his loss, and that is the smaller pain.
the power in forgiveness is amaizing...the peace it brings haiaminiki ukiwa unamueleza mtu ambaye ameumizwa in whichever way lkn ndio hivyo tu...to forgive is everything, sana sana kwa mtu binafsi

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