Kesi ya jangili malkia wa meno ya tembo yaahirishwa tena, hali kesi ya Mtanzania yahukumiwa


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Ndugu hebu tuziangalie hizi kesi mbili hapo chini, Kesi ya Kwanza Mtanzania aliekutwa na vipande ISHIRINI (20) Vya Vipusa na alikamatwa 20th May 2016, na zenye thamani ya TS90m/- kesha hukumiwa miaka 20 jela.

Kesi ya pili Mama wa Kichina QUEEN OF IVORY, ambaye yeye na genge lake walikamtwa na vipus 706, zenye thamani ya Ts 5.4b/- , na wamekuwa wajishughulisha na kazi hizo za kijangili tokea Januari 2000 hadi 22nd May 2015 walipokamatwa, lakini kesi ya huyo mama bado inapigwa tarehe kila kukicha.

1) A MORAVIAN Church’s cleric at Usevya village in Mlele District, Katavi Region , Godwel Siame has been sentenced to spend 20 years in jail for being found with pieces of elephant tusks weighing 20 kilogrammes valued over 90m/- without a permit.

Resident Magistrate, Mr Chiganga Tengwa, sitting before the Katavi Region Court in Mpanda Town, convicted the accused person after being satisfied by the evidence produced by prosecution witnesses. “Actually the prosecution side had proved its case against the accused beyond reasonable doubts that you have committed the felony, therefore I sentence you to 20 years in jail.

I pass this severe sentence so that it will serve as a lesson not only to you but also to others....” added Mr Tengwa. State Attorney, Mr Achiles Mulisa for the prosecution, had called six witnesses to prove its case against the convict while the Counsel , Mr Patrick Mwakyusa for defence had summoned four witnesses .

During the trial, the prosecution had told the court that, Siame committed the offence on May 5, 2016 at his office of Moravian Church at Usevya Village in Mlele District where he was found in unlawful possession of four pieces of elephant tusks weighing 20 kg, valued at 90,000,000/-, property of the government.

On mitigation , the convict prayed for lenience sentence that he did not known who put pieces of elephant tusks in his office at the church .

2) THE prosecution is finalising investigations into the case in which the alleged Queen of Ivory, Chinese national Yang Feng Clan (66), is charged with leading organised crime and unlawful dealing in government trophies worth 5.4bn/-.

State Attorney Wankyo Simon told Principal Resident Magistrate Thomas Simba at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court on Friday that the police were in final touches with their counterparts abroad in line with the directives given earlier by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

The magistrate granted the prosecution’s request and adjourned the matter to August 26. In the case, Clan is charged alongside two other Tanzanian businessmen, Salivius Matembo (39) and Manase Philemon (39). All of them are in remand.The prosecution alleges that between January 1, 2000 and May 22, last year in the city, jointly and together, all the three accused persons carried on business of the said government trophies.

It is alleged that the trio bought and sold 706 pieces of elephant tusks weighing 1889 kg valued at 5,435,865,000/-, the property of United Republic of Tanzania, without a permit from the director of wildlife. The prosecution alleged that within the same period and place, intentionally, Clan organised, managed and financed a criminal racket by collecting, transporting or exporting and selling the elephant tusks without having permit of the director of wildlife or CITES permit.

The prosecution told the court that the accused person committed the offence on May 21, last year, at Sinza Palestina Hospital in Kinondoni District in the city. It is alleged that the accused person escaped from lawful custody of a police officer who was holding him under custody on allegations of dealing in government trophies and leading organised crimes.

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