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Discussion in 'Jokes/Utani + Udaku/Gossips' started by Kimbweka, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Kimbweka

    Kimbweka JF-Expert Member

    Mar 9, 2011
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    An older man was married to a younger woman.

    After several years of a very happy marriage, he had a heart attack. The doctor advised him that to prolong his life they should cut out sex.

    He and his wife discussed the matter and decided that he should sleep in the family room downstairs to save them both from temptation.

    One night, after several weeks, he decided that life without sex wasn't worth living. So he headed upstairs.

    He met his wife on the staircase and said, "I was coming up to die."

    She laughed and replied, "I was coming down to kill you!"
  2. NellyBizz

    NellyBizz Member

    Mar 9, 2011
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    Then she killed him da!
  3. Washawasha

    Washawasha JF-Expert Member

    Mar 10, 2011
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    then they must kill each other