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Jailed Minister further penalized!

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Nyambala, May 12, 2011.

  1. Nyambala

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    May 12, 2011
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    Angalieni wenzetu wasivyokuwa na mchezo na mambo ya kifisadi, ss tunaremba remba miaka inaenda wenye kulalamika wanalalamika, wenye kutetea wanatetea ili mradi tu na ndiyo kwaanza hatufiki.

    Yaliojiri kabla:

    Disgraced former Queensland government minister Gordon Nuttall apologised in court today, as he was sentenced to an extra five years in jail for official corruption and perjury.

    Nuttall is already serving a seven-year sentence for receiving secret commissions from two businessmen, including the late mining magnate Ken Talbot.

    In October he was found guilty of five counts of official corruption and five counts of perjury for helping a friend win government contracts for kickbacks, and lying to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC).

    Today's sentencing now brings Nuttall's total prison term to 12 years.


    Parliament votes to fine Nuttall

    Queensland Parliament has passed a motion finding jailed former MP Gordon Nuttall guilty of contempt and fining him $82,000.

    The charges relate to undisclosed payments he received from several businessmen.
    Nuttall left prison this morning to address Parliament, where he argued he was not required to declare the payments because they were "loans" from friends.

    He said he was "not in a position in any way, shape or form to be able to pay" the fine.
    But Premier Anna Bligh rejected his suggestion that he apologise instead of paying the fine.
    "The sincerity of that apology has to be questioned by the amount of time he spent in his submission seeking to exonerate himself," she said.

    Nuttall was jailed in 2009 for receiving corrupt payments from several businessmen while he was a Beattie government minister.

    The former Labor MP - the first prisoner to be called before the bar of Parliament - began his address by discussing amounts he received from the late mining magnate Ken Talbot.
    "Nothing was asked for, nothing was offered and nothing was given," he said.

    "This is not the actions of people that are endeavouring to be dishonest. The sad part is we live in a society that is so cynical that we forget sometimes that there is good in people."
    Nuttall called for a judicial inquiry into the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) and said he had been "cast adrift" by his former colleagues.

    "When I needed you most you chose to desert me - not one phone call, not one visit, not one voice of support," he said. ( Lowassa, RA & Chenge would have been saying this kama tungekuwa serious)

    Nuttall's 37-minute speech also included complaints about his treatment.
    "I have served more time in jail than anyone in the Watergate scandal. Al Capone only got 11 years," he said.

    Independent MP Peter Wellington agreed Nuttall was guilty, but opposed the $82,000 fine, saying it was excessive.

    But in the end only Burnett MP Rob Messenger voted against the motion.

    Nuttall has a year to pay the fine. (mwisho wa siku watu hawaangalii)

    My Take:

    Namna hii tungekuwa tumemaliza hizi ishu za kifisadi siku nyiingi!!!