It's the freaking weekend, im about to have some fun


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Dec 29, 2013
Holla people of MMU,

Kasinde Mahaba met Big G yesterday and this is what he has been whispering to her since....

Now, I'm not trying to be rude but hey, pretty girl, I'm feelin' you
The way you do the things you do reminds me of my Lexus coupe
That's why I'm all up in your grill
tryin' to get you to a hotel
You must be a football coach the way you got me playing' the field...

Kasie: Oooohhhh my my...... am feeling hot Big G please spare my heart beats am breathing out..

So, baby, gimme that "Toot-toot" And lemme give you that "Beep-beep"
Runnin' her hands through my 'fro Bouncin' on twenty-fours

Kasie: Wuuuhhhhh..... Big G have it all its your for the whole night....

It's the remix to "Ignition" Hot and fresh out the kitchen
Mama rollin' that body Got every man in here wishin'
Sippin' on Coke and rum (rum) I'm like, "So what? I'm drunk" (drunk)
It's the freakin' weekend Baby, I'm about to have me some fun (fun)

Kasie: Let's have some party Big G till the next sunrise...
Am so exited, my shoes are off ready to swindle the dancing floor....Bounce, bumping and everything....... toot toot...beep beep....

Kasinde Mahaba Matata!!


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Feb 21, 2013
Kasie tuwekee na sie bas wa kiswahili mahaba ya kiingereza wengne tafsiri habaaa

Toa taarifa ya maudhui yasiyofaa!

Kuna taarifa umeiona humu JamiiForums na haifai kubaki mtandaoni?
Fanya hivi...

Umesahau Password au akaunti yako?

Unapata ugumu kuikumbuka akaunti yako? Unakwama kuanzisha akaunti?
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