Instruction to JK And CCM: 2+ Years Later



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Jul 6, 2008


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This was my first post on 7th July 2008.

How far am I from the truth?

I am an Alien from outer space. I reside in Galaxy but have been assigned to follow various developments in this planet and provide you with alternative solutions.

CCM, I am giving you the warning that you are now ruining your party. Since Nyerere has passed away things has never been the same within CCM. Nyerere was the Founder of this Nation and the party. He felt the sense of OWNERSHIP which is now missing among many of you members. Those with money now has become key people to influence party decisions and directions without taking the INTEREST of the country at heart.

CCM, you have lost credibility. You have lost Patriotism as a party. President Kikwete as a Chairperson of CCM you have been too weak to stand firm and guard the interest of the party, its members and Tanzanians. Although your intentions are good, but you lack the boldness and control. You must change and call it enough. You were chosen as a single President and Chairperson. No partnership. Take steps now. If u dont history will come to judge u. I have instructed the rest of opposition parties to unite and form a Strong Party. They will do that. Your next General Election wont be easy if you dont take steps now.


I challenge all those in CCM who do not agree with the current situation in CCM to come out in good numbers and speak vigorously and take a strong stand. If CCM cannot change still, leave the party and together with all opposition parties you must agree to form a Single Strong Party. If you dont do that, I have made provisions for your Voters not to elect you next time. Trust me if you ignore u wont be elected.

This is a Call for only Serious and Honest Politicians and is not for majority of CCM Members who has completely lost the patriotism and are looking for only their personal interest at heart.

I am off to THE MILKWAY GALAXY, I will be back.

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