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Feb 5, 2009
[h=1]What else did they expect! Revellers pass out in the gutter and stagger around without trousers, after nightclub's 10p-a-drink offer[/h]
  • After paying £5 entrance fee, drinkers could buy a pint of beer for 20p and a shot for just 10p
  • Shocking scenes as students go crazy and drink till they drop
Last updated at 2:24 PM on 28th September 2011

Angry critics predicted chaos when a club promised 'fantastic offers' like pints of beer for 20p and 10p shots especially for new students. And guess what.. it was.
Despite the warnings, the '2 Bob Tuesdays' event at The Show Bar in Warrington, Cheshire went ahead last night as advertised from '10.30pm until late'.

The promotion had been slammed as 'irresponsible' by alcohol abuse campaigners. A manager at the nightclub defended the pricing strategy earlier in the week, saying 'we don't force them to drink' - words that appear not have been heeded by many of the clientele.

Out for the night: A 'tired' young woman uses her handbag as a makeshift pillow after hours of cut-price drinking at The Show Bar in Warrington, Cheshire

Looks like he's pulled: A party-goer tries to get a girl, who fell after her heel broke, back on her feet in Warrington town centre

After paying an entrance fee of £5, revellers were free to avail themselves of as many pints of beer for 20p and shots for 10p as they wanted while dancing to 'big room anthems'.

Earlier this week, the promotions and marketing manager of Show Bar Derek Load said that his bar had been 'unfairly criticised'.

Mr Load said: 'I think we've been unfairly criticised. Some look as this sort of promotion as a bad thing, some as a good thing.
'We are aiming the night at new students during freshers' week to welcome them to the town. We know they've not got a lot of money and it's a fantastic offer.
'We don't force them to drink. It's a good offer in line with the authorities and with their full support.
'There are other bars in town offering drinks for a penny and we have to be competitive.

'I am behind a minimum pricing for the town. There are at least ten to 12 bars here all offering unbelievable discounts.
'At the weekends, we are one of the more expensive venues.'
Bottom of the class: In short skirts, pigtails, knee socks and neon braces, two revellers dressed as schoolgirls end the night in a drunken clinch (and don't let smoking get in the way)

Caught with his pants down: Door staff - one with death's head tattoos - help a drinker leave the club in an orderly fashion

Alcohol Concern chief executive Don Shenker said: 'Excessive drinking harms young people, blights local communities and is a burden for emergency services - for a licensee to use extreme promotional gimmicks such as this is therefore remarkably irresponsible.'

Although Cheshire police reported no arrests or disorders last night, they did release this statement.

A spokesman said: 'Cheshire Police is committed to reducing alcohol-related crime and disorder and continue to work closely with licensing officers in local authorities and designated premises supervisors to drive up standards associated with the sale and consumption of alcohol on licensed premises.
'Competition within the late night licensing trade is currently fierce and drinks promotions are being used to attract customers as disposable income declines.

'Cheshire Police has worked tirelessly with Warrington Borough Council to improve public safety in the town centre.'

Shoe had too much: A smirking drinker supports his barefoot girlfriend as they slump in the middle of the road

Where's your trousers? One young girl gets the wobbles after seeing a man who'd clearly dressed down for the evening

Fine dining: After a long night of dancing, two young women in skimpy dresses make a pit stop for a takeaway treat of pizza and kebab with chips

The club offers a range of promotions to keep down the cost of drinking. All beverages on Friday nights at the bar are £2 and there are two-for-one cocktails on Saturdays.

The nightclub also offers special events like sumo-wrestling and end of summer beach parties.
Binge drinking has become an increasing problem across the UK. More than a million people were admitted to hospital with alcohol-related injuries in 2010, while the annual cost to the NHS of Britons' drinking is said to be a staggering £2.7billion.
Around 40 per cent of patients admitted to A&E are diagnosed with alcohol-related injuries or illnesses.
Nearly a third of alcohol-related deaths are accidents and are most common among 16–34-year-olds.
Health guidelines state that men should not regularly drink more than three to four units a day, and women should not regularly exceed more than two to three units daily.

Collateral damage: So many revellers were in the street after their night out at The Show Bar that this woman and her friend, who did not attend club night, were tripped up

Want a lift?: A girl gives her friend a piggy-back home after she got slightly the worse for wear in Warrington

Party patrol: With The Show Bar offering drinks for as little as 10p until the early hours, police officers kept up a constant vigil in the surrounding streets

Go street home, now: Club-goers straggle out into the night as police officers give words of advice

Money spinner: The Show Bar's advert for 2 Bob Tuesdays, which the manager defends as being 'competitive' with other establishments in Warrington



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Dec 29, 2010
mbona wote wanaonekana ni madada poa tu so haishangazi hata BONGO wapo...................mwisho wa siku unajitwisha

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Nov 8, 2010
Vijana wa ulaya ni wapiga maji ile mbaya. Tofauti vijana wamarekani ni janja weed, maji hawayachangamkii sana, ila hawa wa ulaya nimeshuhudia balaa tupu.


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Feb 12, 2007
Vijana wa ulaya ni wapiga maji ile mbaya. Tofauti vijana wamarekani ni janja weed, maji hawayachangamkii sana, ila hawa wa ulaya nimeshuhudia balaa tupu.
marekani watu wa Pot, crack cocaine......shot mbili tatu, then pot kwa sanaaa!!
uingereza bana!!!! machalii wanakunywa pombe balaaa.............ujerumani watu wanakunywa bia kama maji!! i love that...ukisikia kiu unagonga castle bardii.


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Dec 15, 2010
duh! kumbe pombe ya bure inavutia? hivi pombe ingekua bure na wanoko wangekua wanakunywa?

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