HTC Evo 3D


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Aug 1, 2009
Habari zenu Bandugu,

Early this Month nilipokuwa Dubai I saw this phone ikiuzwa kwa USD 800. Though mimi ni mpenzi sana wa simu but was surprised kwa simu kuuzwa bei ile pale airport as vitu mara nyingi ni cheap huuzwa pale. Jana was in an internet and was checking its specifications, HTC Evo 3D is more than any phone came across me, may be u can compare wth Galaxy S II. Kwa mnatumia au mshaiona hii mashine mnaionaje? Isijekuwa b'uty is in the eyes of th beholder.

You can make comparison with any other phone and see how it rates through



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Mar 8, 2008
HTC EvO 3D has a unique feature and that is, it allows user to shoot 3D pictures and videos in HD quality mode (720p). Currently, there are many phone which can shoot up to 1080p HD but not in 3D mode. That is the first phone in 3D mode, thats why you find such a price. Other specifications can be found on many other phones

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