HATE (POEM) "Urban Word NYC Teen Poetry Slam"


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Apr 16, 2009


I have this image in my head that one day when I step off this airplane I'll be on this land where the air is sweeter than any fruit I have tasted and that the land is softer than any cloud I could have imagined and that peace was possible.

But for now the mothers of our holy land are being stabbed, raped and murdered and before I could get to her she has fallen. My siblings and I feel guilty that we haven't given her ourselves. For we bleed her blood for her blood runs through me.

I speak for her will and her people even thorough there is no one to listen anymore and still your questions stand. Why do these young Palestinian children hate so much? It shouldn't be why it should be what kind of hate do they have because it was never for a people or for a cause. This hate keeps them alive. This hate makes them live another day even though there's nothing to live for. This hate makes them want to have children just to teach them not to hate, because on the other side hate is grown through children.

Hate is grown through trees in the shape of a v and never for peace for their own protection. Hate is grown through black sheets and separation, never integration. Hate is a factor in our country We teach our children to step and throw baseball at little league games while crowds of parents cheering behind them and in other countries there are six year old children steps they're throwing rocks to protect the tears and the lives of their grandparents. They're anchored to the cause.

So maybe this hate is not your ordinary hate. Maybe this hate kept my father alive. Maybe this hate makes children feel as though they have to hold their shit in one acts a day just to feel full. Before you could even say you didn't mean it that way, six year old children walking down roads kicking pebbles the wrong way get shot at. Seven year olds walking down roads, speaking the wrong language at the wrong times get shot at. And before you could ever say you are sorry the mothers of the holy land are being stabbed, raped and murdered. And before you could get ever get to her, she has fallen.

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