Good governance in Bongo?


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Aug 7, 2006
Adam Lusekelo
Daily News; Sunday,June 01, 2008 @00:06

So we are going for good governance in Bongo? I doubt it. At the seminar which I attended last week there were fearful revelations about what is happening in our African continent. IPP supremo Reggie Mengi said that $150 billion is lost through corruption annually.

The money is siphoned off by guys calling themselves African leaders. They are just pretentious thieves. He said that there is a serious lack of transparency in Bongo. Former president uncle Ben vowed to have openness and truth (uwazi na ukweli). We ended up with non-truths and even open, blatant lies.

Honestly the government credibility is in tatters. Mengi said that corrupt people in Bongo hold in contempt those from whom they are stealing from. Well, you cant hold in respect if you steal from the people and they and up cheering you and roll out red carpets for you, You conclude that they are a bunch of dum dums.

Which is absolutely right. You steal from the people of Bongo and you want those people to cheer for you and roll out red carpets. Strange place this country is. And as usual, nothing happens! Mengi wondered why are we rich in resources and the people are poor?. The people of the United Republic of Tanzania must be told that the country is not poor.

The next thing is that people should ask their rulers that, if we are resource rich, then where is the bloody money? Why are our people desperately poor? And why don’t we have decent roads and hospitals? Why, oh why, are Tanzania’s children dying of malnutrition and some thieves salt away millions of dollars in of-shore bank accounts. No questions asked.

It’s not polite, you know. Good governance my foot! Come the next election Tanzanians should ask those question. I can sense the culture of fear disappearing. If any of those political clowns say we should elect them because they have brought ‘development’ we will boo them to our hearts content. “Hi-i-i-i-lo!”

Again and again we will remind the people that they have been robbed in the EPA, Richmond and other scandals and no one has been arrested. The robbery was carried out by ghosts wearing suits. Good governance! Prof Issa Shivji was there. It is always fun to hear him. He is a mental tickler.

He said good government doesn’t sound right. He would rather go for democratic government. That’s what we need. A democratic government. For now ‘democracy' means if the ruling party wins - then that is democracy. But if they loose, then they lost to trouble-makers, people who want cheap publicity and give other childish reasons.

When the Court of Appeal threw out the government on the independent candidate case, the government said it will appeal. I call that the arm-twisting of the Court of Appeal by the government. That, in plain language, is simply called bullying. The executive trying to bully the judiciary is definitely not ‘good governance’
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