"Give 4 advantages of Breast milk."


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Feb 12, 2007
A question had appeared in an examination which read:
"Give four advantages of Breast milk."

One student began to answer the question :
1. No need to boil
2. Cats can't steal them
3. Available whenever required

But the fourth point eluded him. When there were barely a couple of minutes left for the exam to close, the much required fourth point flashed to his mind. So he completed the question by writing:

4. Available in attractive containers.
doooh yani huyo mtoto lazma akitoka hapo apelekwe oxford univ.moja kwa one!
lakini ki ZERO zero (wa gazeti la Mtanzania sijui kama yupo tena) majibu yake ni kweli kabsaaaaa wala simpingi!
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