fungi problem..


Jun 22, 2010
i have this friend of mine who has been suffering with fungi problem for quiet sometime now..

he told me that he does everything right, like washing his feet well and with care, wearing a clean pair of socks each day but the problem seems to persist..

he once got a treatment which helped him for months but now the problem has come again and with a new face..
i advice him to take a very good care of his feet and wear open shoes but that has never been of help, can anyone help??
nitamuambia, kuna jina maalumu ya fot-spray, as colgate for tooth paste?

They doesn't work. Just go to super market or mini-super market, ask for APPLE VINEGAR (APPLE CIDER). Take it home. Use mix of 1:1 with clean water everytime u finish shower and dry between toes by clean towel or cloth. Pour the mix on toes. It will work within very short period of time.
Note: Dont mix whole bottle with water at a time, on very small part enough to be used once.

Do not 4get to give a report for helping others, I know many suffers from this.
God bless!
woow..,.the vinegar stuff really works! I know it but what's important is good foot hygiene. Remember prevention is better than....
Is it also possible to find APPLE VINEGARin pharmacies instead of Super market. If the idea is good to have it at home and make use of it frequently for prevention purposes

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