French aircraft maker Toulouse relocating to Dar...REALLY?!!

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Jun 25, 2007
.....Not much is being disclosed in the story, but the prospect alone of such consideration is commendable. And if there are things in TZ that I could be part of signaling thumbs up in order to expediate their implementation, this would be one of. I'm really enthralled at hearing this as i see a myriad positive aspects in the offing....

French aircraft maker Toulouse relocating to Dar

2008-03-22 09:46:56
By Edwin Agola

Toulouse, the Southern France-based regional aircraft manufacturer ATR is keen to establish an assembly line in Tanzania to cater for Africa.

Toulouse is the world leader in the 50 to 70-seat turboprop market.

Michael Shirima, the chairman of the Precision Air airline revealed about this move early this week during ceremony to inaugurate the new ATR 72-500 at Julius K. Nyerere International Airport terminal 2.

ATR president, Stephane Mayer underlined that the vast presence of the ATRs in Africa.

Operating in some twenty countries over last two years, it has sold almost thirty new aircraft to African carriers, a success that confirms the growth of the regional network across the continent.

Tanzania is considered ideal location for the assembly plant because Precision Air has already acquired ATRs, planes that are said to have ability to operate in various African environments, with ease of maintenance.

Precision Air Services has taken delivery of the first ATR 500 series, thus launching the modernisation of the turboprop fleet with the most efficient, reliable and advanced planes.

The Citibank Tanzania Limited mediated the deal by facilitating availability of funds from Europe, airlines CEO Alphonse Kioko said.

Minister of infrastructure development Andrew Chenge said the government was committed to providing safe air transport, partly through carrying out massive repairs and upgrading of airport facilities.

The ministry has already secured Euros 25m for implementing the second phase of developing Julius Nyerere International Airport effective next month.

“We have secured a loan from world Bank to tarmac airstrips in seven airports, namely Arusha, Mafia, Bukoba, Shinyanga, Tabora, Kigoma and Sumbawanga. Works are well on course, he said.

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If they do open a plant in Tanzania im keen to see who the local shareholders are!! yasije yakawa yale sure some familiar names will pop up...(maisha bora kwa kila mtanzania?? dont think so!!)
Wataimport vipi parts zao wakati bandari yetu imejaa uozo mtupu. Hizi ni ndoto za abunuasi. It will never happen. Wakishajaribu kufanya feasibility study watakaa kimyaaaaaaaa.
Hawa jamaa walikuwa na scandal gani hivi katribuni tena?

Maana watu tumekuwa so jumpy lazima tuwe skeptics kwanza.
French aircraft maker Toulouse relocating to Dar

Wana relocate kutoka wapi? Wanaacha wapi kutengeneza hizo ndege ili wahamie Dar es Salaam? Mimi na wasiwasi kuwa hii ni PR stunt tu.
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