Finland boosts Tanzania technology sector

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Feb 10, 2006
By Abdulkadir Khalif | The Daily Monitor | October 4 2011

The government of Finland has offered five million Euro to the government of Tanzania to support the formation of cyber security innovation policy in the country.

The Tanzania Minister for Communication, Science and Technology, Prof. Makame Mbarawa told our sister paper The Citizen that the Finish government was impressed with Tanzania progressive measures in developing information and communication technology (ICT).

He said the Finish government was also aiming at supporting Tanzania to strengthen ICT projects and incubation programme which focuses at setting strong base in innovations and entrepreneurship among ‘wananchi’.

Investment drive
The Minister added that Tanzania needs to create strong and powerful investment and that incubation projects that aim at supporting entrepreneurship from grassroots level was an answer to the country’s economic development.

“I have learnt that small scale investors here in Finland are given first priority, they are focusing at supporting them to become big investors and move out,” said the Minister.

Mr Mbarawa said Tanzania was promising in ICT and that so far it has already laid down communication cable in 57 districts, 19 regions and that at least 7,300 has been covered in the country. He said by March 2012, the Ministry will manage to cover 10,000 kilometres and that the Finish Minister for International development, Ms Heidi Heutala has promised to support the project.

Mr Mbarawa said all projects concerning ICT were under the supervision of Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology.


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Sep 25, 2010
huku mjini kwenyewe internet longolongo pamoja ya kwamba tuna mkonge hao vijijini sijui watakuwa nanapata speed ngap mtu utakuwa unafungua google unaenda kulima kitu bado hakijafunguka


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Oct 8, 2010
interest na info technology pamoja na access bado ni ndogo.


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Feb 29, 2008
Harufu ya ufisadi kwa mbaliiiiii

Ufisadi upi Mkuu
Kama tanzania tnataka maendeleo ya kweli na na kama ni ufisadi basi wenye ufidasi nafuu zaidi tunatakiwa kuwa benet na scandnavia countries sweeden, denmark, Norway finaland and the likes.

Finland si ndio HQ za Nokia zilipo. Watuwezeshe tunngenze replacement part za nokia kama cover na keypad
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