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Apr 27, 2011
How To Tell If Your Woman Cheats And Her Other, Dirty Little Secrets...Is your woman cheating on you?
Is she thinking about it?
Is she living a secret, double life where she meets up with men for casual sex... and then... comes home to kiss you on the mouth?
Your gut may tell you to say "NO WAY!"
But I'm here to tell you that women CHEAT. In frighteningly high numbers.
In fact, women are psychologically programmed to cheat.
It's in their blood.
And it's in their genes.
They do this because they can only carry one baby at a time. So they do WHATEVER IT TAKES to guarantee their baby has the best genes - AND - the best father.
(Even though the men with the best, most aggressive genes are are rarely the "stay at home" types...)This has been scientifically researched to death:
And the studies in Sperm Wars and many other books shine some very convincing light on this painful, modern day issue.
I'd like to let you prove this secret, darker, sexual side of a woman's personality to yourself.
But I need your help:
"I'd like to send you a copy of an interview I did with a woman my friend Julian was dating...
And because she was cheating on her boyfriend with Julian, we thought she'd tell us her special ways of cheating behind her boyfriend's back.
We thought she was somehow "dirtier" or more sexual than the women we dated.
Oh, how wrong we were...
Because, as it turns out, she's quite your average woman (except she's extremely good looking):
* She goes to church, every Sunday...
* She tells her boyfriend she loves him...
* She even calls herself "an angel", when compared to her other friends...
"... Yet this "angel" was not only cheating on her boyfriend - Julian wasn't even the first man she'd done it with!
And not only was she cheating, her mother... her sisters... and her entire family (except her father) were helping her "cover it up!"
So her boyfriend (the good provider) would never figure it out!
Since this interview, my eyes have been opened to the cheating, secret, sexual ways of women. And my life has improved in so many ways:
* Knowing women have the urge to cheat, you can keep YOUR woman from straying, by satisfying her urge for a provider - and good genes. (The secret is in the way you treat her, which she reveals - in her own words - in this interview I'd like you to listen to, risk free... but more on that in just a minute)
* Knowing women have a secret, sexual side also allows you to pick up women more easily. So if you're single - or looking for a new partner - her revelations about WHY women cheat... and the men they look for... will give you ammo to seduce ANY woman. (Even a woman you like, who's been in a relationship FOREVER!)
And honestly, I've only covered 10% of what this interview reveals to you, so far.
Would you help me out? I wanna know whether this Female Psychology Interview is a good product.
If you'll help me find out, I'll let you download this and five other of my best programs for only $2.59 apiece.
And I'll take the risk, not you, because I guarantee you'll like them for 60 days.
So you can listen to them for two months and still get your money back. No strings attached.​
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