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Erasmus Mundus Masters program in Clinical Linguistics

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Elimu (Education Forum)' started by Mallaba, Jan 22, 2011.

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    The Erasmus Mundus Masters program in Clinical Linguistics (EMCL) is a 24-month full-time interdisciplinary and transnational university programme at the Masters level providing integrated training in theoretical and experimental neurosciences and psycholinguistics with clinical issues. The aim of the Masters programme is to train highly qualified advanced students who are excellently prepared for research work and PhD-programmes in the above fields.

    The transnational consortium comprises three universities: Groningen (NL), Eastern Finland in Joensuu (FI) and Potsdam (DE). The programme consists of three teaching semesters and a fourth semester to do an internship and write the Masters thesis. Students will all start in Potsdam in the first month of the programme (Sept. 1-30) to organize practical arrangements and participate in intensive work-up courses on linguistics, methodology and clinical aphasiology. The rest of the first semester (Oct.1-March 1) will be spent either in Groningen or Joensuu, where research courses in addition to a language course will be obligatory. All students spend the second term in Potsdam.

    The first part (March 1-April 15) concentrates on language, clinical neurology and therapy, the second part (April 15-July 15) offers obligatory research classes. At the end of the second term (July 15-Sept. 1), students prepare their thesis exposé in combination with a course on scientific writing and they prepare their internship. During the third term, three obligatory advanced research classes are offered in Groningen and Joensuu. At the beginning of this term, students attend an international conference and workshops organised for the consortium students. To finish the programme, the fourth term is spent at the institution of the first thesis supervisor and includes an internship as well as the actual thesis work.

    The total number of credits required for completing the programme is 120 ECTS. All courses are taught in English. Students obtain a joint consortium degree recognized in all countries of the consortium partners. The programme recruits students worldwide. The requirement for admission is at least three years of higher education (BA, BSc or equivalent) with an emphasis on speech and language pathology, linguistics, biomedical sciences, psychology or special education.

    UNIVERSITY OF POTSDAM, Germany (Co-ordinating institution)

    Admission criteria for students
    EMCL invites students worldwide to apply for participation in the program. Candidates should have at least three years of higher education (BA, BSc or equivalent) with an emphasis on speech and language pathology, linguistics, biomedical sciences, psychology or special education.
    In addition to the filled in application form (see above), the following documents are required:

    • two extremely supportive letters of recommendation. (Please note that we will only accept letters of recommendation that confirm to the common standards, i.e. they should be written on an official letterhead of the respective institution, contain the signatures of your referees and should reach us in a sealed and signed envelope. Enclose the letters as you receive them from your referees and do not open the envelopes.)
    • certified copies of your academic curriculum and a certified copy of your university degree certificate (certified translations if the originals are not in English, German, Finnish or Dutch)
    • copies of an English language test (TOEFL or IELTS)
    • letter of motivation to enroll in the EMCL program (included in the application form)
    • a copy of your passport or personal ID
    Admission criteria for scholars
    We invite scholars from non-EU countries working in the fields of:
    - language processing
    - impaired and/or unimpaired language acquisition
    - neurolinguistics and/or
    - clinical linguistics

    To submit applications for participation as a visiting scholar to the European Masters Programme in Clinical Linguistics (EMCL).

    If you are interested to apply, please download the application form. The application package should be sent to the following address:

    University of Potsdam
    Exzellenzbereich Kognitionswissenschaften
    Department Linguistik
    c/o PD Dr. Frank Burchert
    Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25
    14476 Golm

    Erasmus Mundus excellence initiative: scholarships
    Being part of the Erasmus Mundus excellence initiative of the EU, the EMCL consortium is able to offer a limited number of scholarships to candidates (students and visiting scholars) who are admitted to the program.

    The scholarships cover all living costs in the host countries. If the scholarship does not include an additional travel grant, the costs for mobility between the institutions have to be covered by this money too. Please note that a health insurance scheme for students is part of the program and covered by the participation costs.

    The student scholarships are divided into the categories A and B. There is a variable number of 8-10 scholarships per academic year.

    In addition to that, EMCL is also able to offer scholarships for visiting scholars. The number of scholars admitted to the program is usually four per academic year.

    Students A
    Category A is for non-European students. They get €24,000 for the two year program (i.e. €1,000/month) and an additional travel grant in the amount of €8,000.
    Visiting scholars receive €1,200/week for a maximum duration of 3 months and a minimum of 2 weeks per scholar and academic year. A travel grant is not included.

    Students B
    Category B is for European students. They get €12,000 for the two year program (i.e. €500/month). A travel grant is not included in this category.

    Application deadline is November 15.

    Ria De Bleser
    Faculty of Human Sciences
    University of Potsdam
    Karl-Liebknechtstr.24, Haus 14/Zimmer 2.13
    14476 GOLM – Germany
    EM Clinical Linguistics
    editor:scholarship community forum