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Duuu, Kumbe Tanzanite ni dawa...

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by mdeesingano, May 5, 2012.

  1. mdeesingano

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    May 5, 2012
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  2. MziziMkavu

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    May 5, 2012
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    How to Heal With Tanzanite

    [​IMG]Tanzanite pendant necklace.
    Tanzanite is a fine gemstone of blue-purple. This rare gemstone is found only in Tanzania; it is believed to be a geological phenomenon, that the stone will not be found in other parts of the world (Tanzanite.com). All tanzanite gemstones sold commercially are heat-treated to bring out their color, and they shift from a trichroic gemstone to a dichroic due to this process. This simply means that by heating the stones the division of light entering the stone shifts from three divisions to two. This allows the finished gemstone to display its beautiful blue-violet color. Tanzanite has been on the market only since 1967, yet it is highly prized for its healing properties.


    • For the Treatment of Stress
      • 1Wear a cut tanzanite stone in direct contact with your skin. The primary location is near the heart chakra, which is generally the position where a longer necklace will fall, in the center of the chest. As a slow-acting stone, tanzanite is noted for stress reduction, achievement of a balanced life and the development of personal insight.

      • 2Touch the stone with your fingers, pressing it against the chest skin during periods of stress. This touch acts directly to activate thoughts of stress reduction and open the heart chakra to release stress from the body.

      • 3Meditate with tanzanite at the heart chakra to reduce symptoms of anxiety and tension.

      For Speech Activation

      • 4Activate speech by wearing a tanzanite choker-style necklace in which the tanzanite rests close against the throat chakra.

      • 5Heal the inability to speak about repressed feelings by lying flat on a firm surface and placing a rough-cut or natural tanzanite stone (a small one) on the throat chakra.

      • 6Filter the unspoken words and feelings that you feel are stuck in your throat. Make sounds or noises to vibrate your throat, and think about the pain of what you are repressing and not saying to people with whom you are or have been in a relationship. Allow the words to emerge.

      Healing Depression

      • 7Place a small uncut tanzanite stone on the third eye or sixth chakra (the center of the brow) while lying with the body completely flat.

      • 8Allow the uncut tanzanite's dual light properties to assist in the transformation of negative thinking into positive thinking. As thought energy moves through the chakra, it is filtered by the stone, allowing the individual to perceive errors in their thought construction.

      • 9Visualize the depressive thoughts as light passing out of the head through the third eye. With the negativity stripped away by the stone, the individual is able to see the thoughts as artificial and malleable constructions, able to be changed.

      Unifying Thought and Intuition

      • 10Place a cut tanzanite on the third eye (brow) after the thought stream has been filtered by an uncut stone (see Section 3).

      • 11Recall a person, event or situation that you didn't understand or felt hurt by. The third eye, when the chakra opens, is like a flash-bulb moment that allows a person to make an instant intuitive evaluation about an individual or event.

      • 12Trigger the chakra to open by reliving the moment of conflict. With the cut crystal sitting over the third eye the thought stream and intuition are refracted together, causing moments of epiphany and deep insight. This is a way to recall and reanalyze difficult situations.

      Healing Metabolism and Brain Disease

      • 13Activate healing of the metabolism and brain diseases. Place tanzanite over the third eye (brow) during daily meditation and visualization to act as a cleansing of brain energy and imbalances in the metabolism.

      • 14Select between a rough-cut and a cut tanzanite daily. Wellness fluctuates, and the type of filter or clarity most helpful will vary from day to day. Allow intuition to assist you in choosing the correct stone each day.

      • 15Visualize a moderation and balance of the metabolism systems that may be due to the misfiring of neurotransmitters triggered by stress. Desensitizing these triggers improves the metabolism and stops erratic bingeing or undereating. Allow tanzanite to assist in calming the reactive mental systems.

    Tips & Warnings

    • Tanzanite, because of its duality properties, can be used on any chakra to transform a known condition through that chakra from negative to positive. Direct skin contact is recommended.

    • Tanzanite is not an energy stone. It doesn't radiate energy; it is more like a filtering stone.
  3. Angel Nylon

    Angel Nylon JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
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    si uchawi huo??
  4. h

    haki na usawa JF-Expert Member

    May 6, 2012
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    Sisi ni mazuzu na matahira hatuwezi kutumia kwani kila kitu tunatupa chooni hata kiwe na thamani kubwa ni kutukuza ngozi nyeupe kwenda mbele "wawekezaji....wawekezaji......makaburuwawekezaji..........wanyonyajiwawekezaji...........njoonimchukuesisitumelewa........
    Njoonikwetunanamchukuekilakitusisitukousingizini...........Si viongozi wala wananchi wote wamelewa gongo/pombe kali la mtaani ni kujisifu kila siku sisi ni masikini na kila siku viongozi wakienda nje wanasisitiza sisi ni masikini na wakiulizwa hivi ni kwanini ni masikini hawajui maana wamelewa maana mlevi hakumbuki kama alilewa lini? ila anakumbuka kuhusu pombe kwisha!