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Do u kno how 2 use these Slang text msg?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Elimu (Education Forum)' started by X-PASTER, Nov 9, 2007.


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    Nov 9, 2007
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    You only have 160 characters to type out a message (sometimes less). So learning short hand and slang is a must for those who want to cram everything into one message. Below is a list of txt slang and abbrieviatons...

    1. 2DAY -today
    2. 2MORO -tomorrow
    3. 2NITE -to night
    4. AAM -as a matter of fact
    5. AB -ah bless!
    6. ADctd2Luv -addicted to love
    7. AFAIC -as far as i know
    8. AKA -also known as
    9. ALIWanIsU - all i want is you
    10. ALOrO -all or nothing
    11. AML -as soon as possilbe
    12. ANS -answer
    13. ATB -all the best
    14. B4 -before
    15. BaBitsU -baby it's you
    16. BBFN -bye bye for now
    17. BBSD -be back soon darling
    18. BCNU -be seeing you
    19. BdBy -bad boy
    20. BF -boy friend
    21. BFN -bye for now
    22. BGWM -be gentle with me (please)
    23. BRB -be right back
    24. BTW -by the way
    25. BYKT -but you knew that
    26. Cld9? -cloud 9?
    27. CMIIW -correct me if i'm wrong
    28. CSThnknAU -can't stop thinking about you
    29. CU -see you
    30. CUIMD -see you in my dreams
    31. CL -cool
    32. CUL8R -see you later
    33. CYA -see yah
    34. D8 -date
    35. DLTBBB -don't let the bed bugs bit
    36. 4EVRYRS -for ever yours
    37. EOL -end of lecture
    38. F2T -free to talk
    39. FITB -fill in the blank
    40. FWIW -for what it's worth
    41. FYEO -for your eyes only
    42. FYI -for your information
    43. GAO -glad all over
    44. GF -girl friend
    45. GG -good game
    46. GMeSumLuvin -gimme some lovin'
    47. GMTA -great minda think alike
    48. Gr8 -great
    49. GrOvyBab -groovy baby
    50. GrwOldWivMe -grow old with me
    51. GSOH -good salary, own home
    52. GSOH -good sense of humour
    53. GTSY -glad to see you
    54. H8 -hate
    55. HAGN -have a good night
    56. HAND -have a nice day
    57. HITULThtILuvU? -have i told you lately that i love you?
    58. HidMeClse -hold me close
    59. Hot4U -hot for you
    60. HTH -hope this helps
    61. H&K -hug and kiss
    62. IAC -in any case
    63. ICLW\YLuv -I can't live without your love
    64. IC -I see
    65. IDK -I don't know
    66. IDntDsrveU -I don't deserve you
    67. IGotUBbe -I got you babe
    68. IIRC -if I recall correctly
    69. IJC2SalLuvU -I just called to say I love you
    70. ILUVU -I love you
    71. IMBLuv -it must be love
    72. IMHO -in my humble opinion
    73. IMNSHO -in my not so humble opinion
    74. ImRdy4Luv -I'm ready for love
    75. ImT14U -I'm the one for you
    76. IOW -in other words
    77. IOWAN2BWU -I only want to be with you
    78. IYKWIN -If you know what i mean
    79. IYSS -if you say so
    80. JM2p -just my two pennyworth
    81. JstCLMe -just call me
    82. KIT -keep in touch
    83. KOTC -kiss on the cheek
    84. KOTL -kiss on the lips
    85. L8 -late
    86. L8R -later
    87. LETA -letter
    88. LOL -laugh out loud
    89. LMAO -laughing my ass off
    90. LstinU -lost in you
    91. LTNC -long time no see
    92. LtsGt2gthr -let's get together
    93. LuvU -love you
    94. Luv2LuvUBab -love to love you baby
    95. LuvisTDrug -love is the drug
    96. LuvMeLuvMyDog -love me, love my dog
    97. M$ULkeCraZ -miss you like crazy
    98. MBURBMJ -my but you're beautiful Miss Jones
    99. MGB -may god bless
    100. MkeMyDaSa+! -make my day, say yes
    101. MMDP -make my day punk!
    102. Mob -mobile
    103. MYOB -mind your own business
    104. NE -any
    105. NE1 -anyone
    106. NO1 -no-one
    107. MO -moment
    108. N'U -and you
    109. OIC -oh, I see
    110. OTOH -on the other hand
    111. PCM -please call me
    112. PLS -please
    113. PPL -people
    114. QN -queen
    115. QT -cutie
    116. R -are
    117. ResQMe -rescue me
    118. RMB -ring my bell
    119. RmbaYaMne -remember you're mine
    120. ROTFL -roll on the floor laughing
    121. RU? -are you?
    122. RUOK? -are you okay (ok)
    123. Salt&ILDoIT -say it & I'll do it
    124. SETE -Smiling ear to ear
    125. SIT -stay in touch
    126. SITD -still in the dark
    127. SO -significant other
    128. SOH -sense of humour
    129. SOHF -sense of humour failure
    130. SOME1 -someone
    131. srry - sry -sorry
    132. StckOnU -stuck on you
    133. StndByYaMan -stand by your man
    134. SvnALMyLuv4U -saving all my love for you
    135. SWALK -sent with a loving kiss
    136. SWG -scientific wild guess
    137. SYS -see you soon
    138. 2Hot2Hndle -to hot to handle
    139. TDTU -totally devoted to you
    140. THNQ -thank you
    141. Thx -thanks
    142. Ti2GO -time to go
    143. TIC -tongue in cheek :p
    144. TkeAChnceOnMe? -take a chance on me?
    145. TLMeImDrmn -tell me I'm dreaming
    146. TMIY -take me I'm yours
    147. TPTB -the powers that be
    148. TTFN -ta ta for now -means bye bye
    149. TTYL8R -talk to you later
    150. TWIMC -to whom it may concern
    151. U -you
    152. UCnDoMgic -you can do magic
    153. UdoSumthn2Me -you do something to me
    154. UR -you are
    155. U+Me=Luv -you + me = love
    156. WAN2 -want to
    157. WAN2TLK? -want to talk
    158. WenCnICUAgn? -when can I see you again?
    159. WER R U? -where are you?
    160. Wit -with
    161. WLUMRyMe? -will you marry me?
    162. WRT -with respect to
    163. WTTW -word to the wise
    164. WUWH -wish you were here
    165. X -kiss
    166. XLNT -excellent
    167. Xoxoxoxo -hugs and kisses
    168. Xclusvly Yas -exclusively yours
    169. Y? -why?
    170. YBS -you'll be sorry
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    Duh,haya ila usifupishe hizi kitu kwa maasai