Jun 12, 2015
What is leadership, and who has it? Can you develop leadership ability, or is it something you must be born with? Some say leadership has to be learned and earned. Others say leadership is a gift from God. that cannot be taught.

In defining what effective "leadership" is, it is important to distinguish between:-

(a) A leader

(b) Leadership

(c) Leading

The position of a "leader" is a role in a particular system or Organization. A person in the formal role of a leader may or may not possess leadership skills and be capable of leading.

Leadership - is essentially related to a person's skills, abilities and degree of influence. A good deal of leadership can come from people who are not formal "leaders."

Leading - is the result of using one's role and leadership ability to influence others in someway.

In its broadest sense, leadership can be defined es the ability to influence others toward the accomplishment of some goal.


1. Meta leadership.
Meta leadership creates a 'movement' in a broad general direction (such as civil rights). Meta leadership, "links individuals, through the leader's vision, to the environment. In doing so, it releases energy and creates enthusiasm.

2. Macro leadership.
In Macro leadership, "the leader's role in creating a successful. organization is fulfilled in two ways; path-finding and culture-building. Path-finding can be summed up as finding the way to a successful future. Culture-building can be viewed as drawing people into purposeful organization - one which is capable of traveling along the path that is found or of fully exploiting current opportunities. The leader influences the individual by supplying the subordinates with answers to such questions as: What is this organization all about? Where do I fit in? How am l valued and judged? What is expected of me? In the process, the leader creates committed members of the organization."

3. Micro leadership.
In contrast to both of these, Micro leadership "focuses on the choice of leadership style to create an efficient working atmosphere and obtain willing cooperation in getting the job done by adjusting one's style on the twin dimensions of task and relationship behavior. Choice of leadership style depends on the particular subordinates and the job/task being done; it is, thus, situational and contingent, the leader directs people in organizations in the accomplishment of a specific job or task. If the leadership style is correctly attuned, people perform willingly in an efficient working atmosphere."


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