Dear men, avoid these 5 kinds of friends if you want to be rich and successful

Mr What

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Oct 22, 2016

There are several types of friends to avoid if you want to be rich and successful, If you wish to know the types of friends to avoid, then you need to read this. A lot of conditions come into play when it comes to success or the achievement of wealth.

Hard work, loyalty, selflessness, commitment, and perseverance are not the only factors that participate in success and riches. One main factor which a huge percentage of people ignore when it comes to achievements in life is the "friends" we make and keep around us.

I think that our success is sure of the type of friends we keep. There is an Akan adage that says;" show me tour friend, and I will show you who he is".

We all know that It is not by accident that majority of the successful and rich people accept friends within their circle. If a poor man is eligible to remake his life and become successfully rich, he will generally change his circle of friends. It's not pride, it's just natural and normal.

In these articles, we will be looking at the kind of friends to avoid if you want to be rich and successful. To achieve wealth and success, it is important to avoid some friends.

1. Avoid Friends Who Discourage You.
If you have a friend who prevents you from taking action; who gives a negative expert prediction like ''Investment is bad'', '' this business will not succeed'', ''don't take risks'', ''how your career would get hindered because of your action'', these are the types of friends to avoid. Every successful man or woman took risks before becoming what they are today.

My advice
Having this kind of friend will make you think the sky would fall by taking actions in life. They would prefer to make you wait till the beach is clear which may never be.

2. Avoid the ‘Poverty Minded’ One's
Avoid those Friends that think making money is dedicated to some outstanding set of people. They should be among the kind of friends to avoid if you want to succeed.

These manners of people are just pleased with the poor way they survive, and won’t ‘stress’ themselves out with the hustle of making money.

Some of these set of people have the strength, but they just don’t believe that making money or becoming successful is feasible.

3. Avoid Friends Who Don't Inspire You Positively
What is the point in being friends with someone who cannot encourage us positively? Friends who inspire us entirely always push us to achieve our dreams.

Positive friends have these characters.
I. Positive minded friends always warn us when we are going wrong and are ever prepared to support our dreams with great ideas. They provide us with their influence.

Ii. A positive friend is very bold. Such people are strong in spirit and heart and are prepared to deal with the obstacles of life.

Iii. a courageous friend would always have an influence on us, he or she pushes us to be as strong as they are and cause us to rethink every negativity.

Iv. Positive friends have empathy for others. Friends who inspire us are always willing to hear our challenges and provide solutions thereof.

V. They love to see their friends rise, grow, and expand and are always willing to bring their positive ideas on board.

My Advice
If you truly want to be successful and rich, then I will advise you to avoid friends that have no positive influence on you.

4. Avoid Friends Who Never Talk About How To Make It In Life, They Only Talk About Women/Men And Other Unnecessary Things.
Friends who never talk about meaningful things and are always talking about women/men like "how to charm them", "sleep with them" etc. are not worthy to be your friend if you want to be rich and successful

Such friends will never turn up with any business suggestions or other legal ways of making money. Their major attention is entirely in growing the number of ladies/men they sleep with.

My Advice
To be successful and rich, distance yourself from such friends. They are obviously not your destiny helpers. Roaming with positive people will impact on your life completely. It may take a while but trust me, that time will surely come.

5. Avoid Friends Who Never Question Your Decision.
Friends who never question your determination when you confide in them should be kind friends to resist if you really want to be successful. Keeping friends who are logical and significant in wisdom is a plus. The ones who always say yes or no to whatever you asked them questions should be avoided.

Keep The kind of friends who inspires you to achieve your dreams, don't keep those ones who think you can't do more. What do you think about this lovely airtcle? Do you think that I am wrong (the writer) in choosing friends?

Mtyela Kasanda

JF-Expert Member
Oct 13, 2018
Kufanikiwa ni utayari wa mtu kiakili tu. Ushawahi kuona jamaa anafaulu vizuri kweli darasani, lakini marafiki zake ni wazee wa mademu na kutoroka shule. Na utajiri upo hivyo hivyo, unaweza kua na marafiki hohe hahe wenyewe ni kula bata tu lakini wewe ndo una utimamu wa kufanikiwa.


Senior Member
Jan 18, 2011
Thanks Mr What, this is useful advice. I understand, not everyone will accept, but it is making sense in many situations.

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