Dar es Salaam Cattle Deliveries Up!



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Sep 4, 2011


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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Cattle supplies at the Pugu Cattle Market in Dar es Salaam have substantially increased, but the two-day Islamic celebrations last week pushed up the prices for all animal grades at the livestock auction.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade the supply went up by 8.3 % to 612 cattle delivered in the last week of August compared to 565 of previous week.

The 'Biweekly Livestock Market Information', notes that contrary to expectations that the rise in supply could lower prices of animals, instead the holiday season pushed up spiral by an average of 6 % in the cattle market.

The report indicates the price of female Tzebu cattle breed grade G2 went up by 4.2 % from Tshs 542,000 (US$335) to Tsh 565,000 ($348), while grade G3 increased by 4.2 from Tshs 469,500 ($289) to Tshs 490,000 ($300) per cow.

On the other hand bulls cattle prices went for category G2 increased by 7.4 to from Tshs 605,000 ($373) to Tsh 650,000 ($400) while grade G3 jumped up by 5.8 % from Tshs 480,000 ($296) to Tshs 508,000 ($313).

Supplies of goats and sheep shot up by 56 % from 200 animals to 312, but managed to suppress only prices of female grade G2 and male G2 by an average of 4 % to Tshs 71,500 ($44) and Tshs 90,000 ($55), respectively.

Grade G3 goats, males and females, however, increased by 12.5 % and 6.3 % from Tshs 45,000 ($28) to and Tshs 50,000 ($30), respectively, depicting that traders have moved to a lower grade to maximize profit during religious celebrations.
Pugu cattle auction is the main livestock market in the country which feeds the Dar es Salaam city.

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