Coup attempt nipped in bud


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Aug 7, 2006
Coup attempt nipped in bud

An attempted uprising by senior military personnel has been put down with the help of the secret services

An apparent attempt at a military coup in Zimbabwe was nipped in the bud on Sunday by Robert Mugabe's secret service and resulted in the arrest of three senior military officers. Another 400 junior soldiers are believed to have been detained. Details are sketchy, but sources in the government told The First Post it is believed the signal for the coup to begin was a power black-out in the capital.


Two military planes were intercepted while fueling at the Manyama military airbase on the outskirts of Harare. They were carrying bombs, and their targets were believed to be Zimbabwe House, Mugabe's official residence, and his mansion in the suburb of Borrowdale Brook.

It's understood the pilots were detained. There's no information on where they are being held.

The three senior officers are
I think the security and intelligent services are working in Zimbabwe kuliko hata bongo maana kama hata ndege ya jeshi inaweza kutumika kufanya biashara. who knows kama walikua wanenda kuchukua bomu la kulipua ikulu na sehemu ingine nyeti

Bravo security and intelligent services kwa kuzuia hua uasi
Too bad,

Kawaida si-endorse military takeovers lakini desperate times deserve desperate measures, even a Zimbabwean Abacha may prove eventually better than the Mugabe shame.

And the whole idea of bombing Ikulu was just too gangster, to say the least!

When it's time to go, it's time to go.This is just the beginning, more such attempts are coming.
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