Corona Virus, see what Chinese are eating that would probably cause The outbreak .

Mr What

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Oct 22, 2016
Coronavirus is a deadly virus that came into existence from Wuhan in China. Why this virus came to an existence still gives people around the world serious confusion and nobody can tell the causes of the virus. Coronavirus was said to have killed many people around the world since the spread.

Research was made and still being made everyday as to why this deadly virus came into existence. Perhaps, because of all the disgusting things that the Chinese people are eating ranging from uncooked snake meat, pig meat, worms, scorpions and the likes.


Imagine when human beings are eating something as disgusting as this. Does it even look edible? No it doesn't. Barely looking at it, one will start feeling nauseous, talkless of eating it and sending them down to your stomach.


Look at the rest of those things that they are eating everyday below, yet they are oblivious of the fact that it could be the reason behind Coronavirus epidemics.






Now tell me why they won't develop Coronavirus by eating all these. It's so pathetic. May God save us all from this deadly Coronavirus.

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