Cooling is an afterthought for apple


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Feb 29, 2008

  • In the quick IDF 2011 notes category, we wanted to share a humorous exchange we had with an Intel Corp. (INTC) engineer. Joshua Linden-Levy is a "Mechanical Pathfinding Engineer" at Intel and delivered a terrific presentation on cooling in Oak Trail, the Intel Atom platform that replaces Pine Trail.
  • the target temperature for laptops was 58 Celsius, according to industry standards. Given the high temperatures long suffered by various editions of Apple, Inc.'s
  • With Apple their chief priority is always form and looks -- everything else, including cooling design is an afterthought."
  • Currently the thermal problem-plagued MacBook Pro models sell for almost twice the price of comparable hardware models from ASUSTEK Computer Inc.
soma habari kamili Daily Tech

Sasa kwa mazingira yetu ya kibongo bongo ambapo avarage temperetaure yenyewe tayari ni joto inakuwaje?
Sijui wale mashabiki wa apple wanasemaje. kama coling ni issue o kwa nchi za ulaya sasa huku afrika sindio itakuwa zinachemsha ama latop za HP na toshiba kwa windws zinazokuwa asseblemd South africa.
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