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Congo Special Weapons

Discussion in 'Jamii Intelligence' started by SONGOKA, May 4, 2012.


    SONGOKA JF-Expert Member

    May 4, 2012
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    [h=1]hawa jilani zetu hawaaminiki aminiki ivi..wameanza zamani sana haya mambo..

    Congo Special Weapons
    The OTRAG (Orbital Transport und Raketen Aktiengesellschaft) had some international impact by testing its modular rocket from the Shaba province in Congo. Three single low cost rockets were tested in May 1977, May 1978 and June 1978 (the latter being a failure). Political pressure then obliged OTRAG to move to the Sahara desert in Libya. Iran reportedly sold a small number of Scud missiles to the Democratic Republic of Congo [formerly known as Zaire] in October 1999. Iranian military officers were in Kinshasa, the capital, as part of a delegation of technicians that arrived in the country to assemble the missile systems. Iranian Scud B and Scud C missile systems were detected by US intelligence in early November 1999. This sale was the first Iranian export of the domestically produced version of the missile, and marked the first instance in which Iran exported complete missile systems. The Scud B is a Russian-design missile with a range of about 300 kilometers, and the Scud-C is a longer range version with a range of nearly 500 kilometers. [h=4]Uranium[/h]Uranium, the radioactive element used to produce atomic bombs, was first mined in the western United States in 1871. In 1898 Marie Curie discovered radium in uranium, and another market for Utah's ore emerged. When a process for separating radium from uranium ore was perfected in 1913, uranium mining boomed. In 1923 immense pitchblende deposits rich in radium were discovered in the Belgian Congo, and the market for Utah's radium dried up. As a result of the atomic age and subsequent arms race of the Cold War, uranium came into demand as a key element for nuclear weaponry. In the beginning, almost 90 percent of the United States' uranium supply was imported from the Belgian Congo and Canada. The Shinkolobwe mine [not Shinkolowbe] in the Katanga Province is also known as the Kasolo Mine, Chinkolobwe, and Shainkolobwe. Shinkolobwe's uranium deposits were discovered in 1915. This mine, near the southern Congolese town of Likasi, produced uranium for the first atomic bombs. The Shinkolobwe uranium mine ceased was closed in 1960, when Belgium granted Congo independence. Belgian authorities filled the main uranium shaft with concrete.
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    Makwarukwaru Member

    May 4, 2012
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  3. Sijali

    Sijali JF-Expert Member

    May 4, 2012
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    Hawa watu wana maprofesa na madokta wa kweli. Tatizo kila mtu ataka kuiba (kama Tanzania)

    SONGOKA JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
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    ndio mkuu, hawa jamaa mpaka sasa wana nuclear inasemekana ndo kilikua chanzo cha assasination ya KABILA kwa sababu alitaka kutrade na IRAN those reactors.
  5. Njowepo

    Njowepo JF-Expert Member

    May 5, 2012
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    Bana Kongo kumbe mko juu!
    Kuna haja ya kuanza kuwaheshimu ila acheni choko choko zenu kule Lake Tanganyika pls mnaua bendi sisi hatuna silaha nzito kama zenu
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    nyabhera JF-Expert Member

    Jun 14, 2012
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    congo! ile ambao askari wanaenda na redio kaseti vitani baada ya battle wa katika bakanjya.