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Citizens Abroad 'Need Assistance'

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by nngu007, May 9, 2011.

  1. nngu007

    nngu007 JF-Expert Member

    May 9, 2011
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    Why All Diaspora Conferences Chama Cha Mapinduzi is participating??
    Why there is no Chadema Overseas Members participating ?

    I have attended several and sometimes they put foward only the ruling party agendas...

    Freddy Macha
    8 May 2011

    A delegate to the third Diaspora conference has suggested that an independent centre be created to network and facilitate activities of foreign-based nationals.
    Calling for the establishment of an organ that will help the government and other officials, the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) chairman in Britain, Mr Ang'iela Owino, said such a centre would speed up the process of Diaspora business.

    Earlier, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation minister Bernard Membe, told delegates at the two-day meeting that dual citizenship for Tanzanians living abroad would help economic prosperity.

    Mr Owino said an active and efficient centre would reduce bureaucracy and help the current slow process, which is being looked at by various government bodies such as the newly created Diaspora Engagement Department (MFAIC) under Ms Bertha Somi.

    Giving an example of Ghana, which is said to benefit a lot from its foreign-based nationals, Mr Owino said the West African nation's banking system handled transactions for Ghanaians sending money home.

    "Western Union, which is used regularly by most, is too expensive," he said.

    Meanwhile, Tanzanians in the Diaspora have been urged to register themselves at our foreign stations.

    The call was made by Tanzania's ambassador to Britain, Mr Peter Kallaghe, during the Diaspora Three Conference in London on Friday. "If you asked me how many of our nationals live in the UK, I have no clue," Mr Kallaghe confessed, insisting that knowing the right number of Tanzanians was crucial, particularly when businesspeople or investors asked for such information.

    He also warned that it is essential every national make an effort and register either online or offline because of the expected national census next year.The estimated number of Tanzanians in the UK was put at 100,000 seven year ago. However, these were those who registered with the country's High Commission in Britain
  2. m

    mmakonde JF-Expert Member

    May 9, 2011
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    A load of rubbish kwenye hizi meeting!
    Hawa elites wa serikali (Membe & Co) wanakula taxmoney za bure kwende kufanya mambo yao machafu huko UK.

    Kuna matatizo mengi vijijini ,eti kujali watu abroad,just a handful of people it is stupidity of highest order.
  3. j

    johnmashilatu JF-Expert Member

    May 9, 2011
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    Naomba kuuliza.
    Je kuna umuhimu kweli wa kuanzisha utaratiibu wa kuwapata watanzania uraia baada ya kuwa raia wa nchi nyingine?
    je ni kweli kwamba nchi itafaidika zaidi na pengine kuondokanana matatizo yake ikiwa watanznaia wenye uraia wa nje watapewa pia uraia wa tanzania
    Je, watanznaia wenye uraia wa nje wanabaguliwa wakitaka kuwekeza katika nchi yao ya awali?
    Je Membe anayepigia kelele suala hili hana ajenda nyingine ya siri?

    naombeni kufahamishwa. faida na hasara za kuanzisha dual citizenship katika tanzania'
  4. Sikonge

    Sikonge JF-Expert Member

    May 9, 2011
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    New African Development Bank and World Bank report says 40 billion dollars remittances by African migrants in 2010 helped reduce poverty at community levels

    African Development Bank and World Bank present report findings at IFAD headquarters in Rome

    Rome, 7 April, 2011 – With about 30 million Africans living outside their home countries, migration is a vital lifeline for the continent. Yet African governments need to do more to realize the full economic benefits of the phenomenon, says a new report by the African Development Bank and the World Bank.
    The report titled "Leveraging Migration for Africa: Remittances, Skills and Investments" presents data from new surveys. It finds evidence that suggests migration and remittances reduce poverty in the origin communities. Remittances lead to increased investments in health, education and housing in Africa. Diasporas also provide capital, trade, knowledge and technology transfers.
    Two-thirds of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, particularly the poorest, move to other countries within the region, while more than 90 per cent of migrants from North Africa move away from the African continent. The principal destinations for African migrants are France (9 per cent), Côte d'Ivoire (8 per cent), South Africa (6 per cent), Saudi Arabia (5 per cent), and the United States and the United Kingdom (4 per cent respectively).
    "African governments need to strengthen ties between diasporas and home countries, protect migrants and expand competition in remittance markets," said Dilip Ratha, main author of the report and lead economist at the World Bank, who participated via video conference at the report's presentation in Rome. "Otherwise, the potential of migration for Africa remains largely untapped."

    From: New African Development Bank and World Bank report says 40 billion dollars remittances by African migrants in 2010 helped reduce poverty at community levels

    Sasa unafikiri kwa UTAPELI wa Watanzania, mtu atakuja na kuwekeza kwa jina la kaka yake au baba yake? Unajua wangapi wamelizwa tayari nyumba, magari, mashamba, viwanja ............ Wengi wa Watanzaia wanaoishi nje, wameona ni heri wajikalie zao huko na mahela yao bila ya kuhangaika kupeleka hata Senti tano. Tafuta data kwenye Internet, zipo nyingi sana sana.

    Leo hii Hasheem Thabeet anaishi kama Mtanzania, analipa mikodi mingi sana na matibabu bei juu kwa sababu ya kuwa na Uraia wa Tanzania. Ila angekuwa na gamba la USA, angeliokoa hela nyingi mno na mwishoni aje aziwekeze nyumbani ambako nako asingeletewa mizengwe ya urasimu kibao utafikiri na yeye siyo Mtanzania.

    Usifikiri kuwa mtu wa kawaida na si mfanya biashara au ana hela za bure kama za Waarabu, anaweza kuja Tanzania na kununua ardhi kirahisi rahisi. Pia akifuata sheria, unakuta muda huo hana maana wengi ni wafanya kazi na akija Tanzania ana wiki kama mbili au tatu. Akitumia nduguze, WANAMLIZA.
  5. M

    Mbopo JF-Expert Member

    May 9, 2011
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  6. Makindi N

    Makindi N JF-Expert Member

    May 9, 2011
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    Sio tu the citizens abroad needs assistance... Hata Membe needs that assistance. He's pro-dual citizenship, while Tanzanian ambassador to UK got no clue on the number of Tanzanians living and working in UK. The same exists to other countries. In other way, remittances brought back by these nationals are also unknown, let alone what they are doing. Kimsingi, the move is more political than the authenticity of having a dual citizenship in favour of two way traffic. They really need an assistance including Membe as he's steering sthg groundless and so unfounded......
  7. M

    Mbopo JF-Expert Member

    May 9, 2011
    Joined: Jan 29, 2008
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    That is your feeling and your probably do not know what you are saying. What Membe is trying to do is to clear this mess and everything has its beginning. There is nothing political on this because it doesnt give him any political mileage by engaging his effort and resources on this. He is moved and touched and having lived abroad, he knows how much this effort would have a dual impact and greater good for the country. People are either sceptical or opposed to this idea because of their inability to get the concept in a clear way. The Government is doing a good job on this aspect and rather than throwing this idea in confusion at its very infancy, people should give it time and pass a verdict at the right time.
  8. Makindi N

    Makindi N JF-Expert Member

    May 9, 2011
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    1. I urge to read my comment between the lines and comment basing on that.....
    2. Read this, Multiple citizenship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hope it will enlighten your thinking on this.
    3. Au soma hii Canadian experience, see how smart they're.... sio unatetea Membe anavyoenda huko kula DSA na bata na hakuna tunachokiona...... Dual Citizenship: What You Need to Know.
    4. Lastly, the move is more POLITICAL....... Otherwise, the fundamentals towards that are established worked upon....... Huwezi kuwa in favour of something while hujui hata ni wangapi Watanzania wako wapi na wanafanya nini? Ghana wanaongoza kwa remittance in Africa, cuz they are smart, if you know what I mean.
  9. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh JF-Expert Member

    May 9, 2011
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    Ubalozini nje wanaishi tu, kweli hawajali kuinua uchumi wa nyumbani, au kushirikiana na watanzania walioenda kwa nguvu zao wenyewe, hao wanatunzwa na pesa ya walipakodi za wananchi wanaishi tu huko, tusitegemee chochote, mabalozi wangapi tunao? wawekezaji wangapi wangekuja ingekuwa wanamtuma japo mmoja kwa siku? basi kama wao hawawezi serikali iwape mamlaka watanzania wanaoishi nje, ndio wenyeji kuliko huyo balozi
  10. w

    warea JF-Expert Member

    May 9, 2011
    Joined: Jan 22, 2010
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    Kila siku zinaanzishwa idara za serikali na mashirika mbalimbali ambayo ukichunguza sana yanafanya kazi ile ile. Badala ya kuimarisha kilichopo au kukibadili kiandane na mahitaji ya wakati uliopo tunaunda kipya!

    Mwisho tutajikuta tunashindwa kuendesha hizo idara.

    Kuna haja gani ya madiaspora wakati kuna ubalozi?

    Kuna haja gani ya ma PCCB wakati kuna police, usalama wa taifa, jeshi nk?

    kuna haja gani ya NIDA wakati kuna idara ya uzazi na vifo?

    Kuna haja gani ya NIMRI, COSTECH wakati kuna vyuo vikuu?

    Ziko idara kibao na zingine zinaingiliana zote zinaitegemea serikali ilipe gharama za uendeshaji

    Kuna mikoa na wilaya nyingi mpaka unashindwa kuelewa serikali inawezaje kugharimia zote hizi.