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Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Andrew Nyerere, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Andrew Nyerere

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    A thought occurred to me. “Master, Master, I have an urgent question.”

    “Ah, Lobsang, I see that you have picked the most beautiful woman in the whole bunch. Well, let me admire your taste. This is a very fine woman, and we wanted the best because some of the old frumps in some museums absolutely repel one. So the people who planned for this collection picked only the best. But what's your question?” He sat down on a low stool, so I did the same.

    I said, “How do people grow, how do they grow to resemble their parents? Why don't they come out as a baby and then resemble a horse or any other creature?”

    “People are made up of cells. The controlling cells of the body at a very early age are, what I will term, imprinted with the character and general appearance of the parents. So those cells have an absolute memory
    of what they should look like, but as one gets older each cell forgets just a bit of what the pattern should be. The cells, we will say, ‘wander’ from the original built-in cell-memory. You may, for instance, have a woman, as you are observing, and she may have been well—unawakened so that her cells blindly follow the pattern of the cell before. I am telling you all this in the simplest way I can, you will learn more about it at Chakpori, and later at Chungking. But every cell in
    the body has a definite memory of what it should be like in health. As the body gets older the memory of the original pattern becomes—well—lost or unable, for some reason, to follow the precise pattern, so it diverges slightly from the original cells and then, once having
    departed from the original pattern, it is easier and easier to forget more and more what the body should look like. We call that aging, and when a body can no longer follow the exact pattern imprinted into the cells then
    we say that things have deteriorated and the body is mentally sick. After a few more years the change becomes more and more marked, and eventually the person dies.”

    “But how about people with cancer, how do they manage to get into such a condition?” I asked.

    My Guide replied, “We have talked about cells forgetting what pattern they should follow. They forget the pattern which should have been imprinted while the baby was being formed, but we say that when a
    person has cancer of one type then the memory cells become distorted memory cells, and they order fresh growth to occur where there should be no growth. The result of that is, we get in the human body a large mass which interferes with other organs, perhaps pushing them out of place, and perhaps destroying them. But there are different types of cancer. Another type is that in which the cells that should be controlling growth forget that they are meant to produce fresh cells of a certain type and one gets a complete reversal. Certain organs of the body waste away.

    The cell is worked out, it has done its share of work, of maintaining the body, and now it needs replacing so the body can continue to exist. But the cell has lost the pattern, forgotten the pattern of growth, if you prefer it in that way, and having forgotten it makes a guess and it either builds fresh cells at a frantic rate or it builds cells which devour healthy cells and leave a bleeding, putrid mass inside the body. Then the body soon dies.”

    “But, sir,” I said, “how can the body know if it is going to be male or female because before the body is born who looks after the formation of the baby.”

    “Well, that depends on the parents. If you get a growth starting which is alkaline then you get one sex; if you get an acid type of cell then you get the opposite sex, and there are on occasion monsters born. The parents were not really compatible, and what the woman produces is neither male nor female, it may be both, it may even have two heads and perhaps three arms.

    Well, we know that we should not take life, but what can be done, how can one let a monster survive? A monster with hardly a rudimentary brain—well, if we let a monster like that grow and propagate their
    species soon we should have more and more monsters because it seems to us that the bad things multiply more quickly than the good things.

    “You will get used to all this when you get to Chungking. I am giving you a rudimentary explanation now so that you know something of what to expect.

    Now, in a later time I will take you into another room and show you monsters which have been born, and I will show you normal and abnormal cells. And then you will see what a marvelous thing a human body is.

    But, first of all, examine some of these people especially the women. Here is the book showing what a woman is like outside, and inside. If the person is going to be an attractive woman then her memory cells, that is, the cells which carry the memory to reproduce precisely the body cells just as before, are in good order. Then we have to be sure that the mother has sufficient food of the right type and she has no shocks, etc., etc. And, of course, it usually is not wise to have intercourse
    when a woman is eight, or so, months pregnant. It may upset the whole balance of things.

    “Now, I have to write up the record to say what we were doing here, how we got in, and I have to make a guess at how we are going to get out!”

    “But, Master,” I said in some exasperation, “what is the point of writing about this when no one ever comes here?”

    “Oh, but people do come here, Lobsang, they do come here. The ignorant call their craft U.F.O.'s. They come here and they stay in rooms above this one. They just come to receive messages and tell of what they have discovered. You see, these people are the Gardeners of
    the Earth. They have a vast store of knowledge, but somehow through the centuries they have deteriorated.

    First of all these were absolutely god-like people with almost unlimited power. They could do anything, just about anything at all. But then the ‘Head Gardener’ sent some of them down to the Earth which had been
    formed—I have told you all this before—and then the Gardeners travelling at many times the speed of light went back to their base in another Universe.

    “As is so often the case on the Earth, and, indeed, on many other worlds, there was a revolution. Some people did not like the thought of these sages, the Gardeners of the Earth, taking women around with them, especially when the woman was some other man's wife.

    Inevitably there were quarrels, and the Gardeners split into two parties, what I would call the right party and the break-aways. The break-aways thought that, in view of the long distances they traveled and the hard
    tasks they did, they were entitled to sexual recreation.

    Well, when they could not get women of their own race to go with them they came to Earth and picked out the biggest women they could find. Events were not at all pleasant because the men were physically too big for the women, and the party that had come to this Earth quarreled and broke up into two parties. One went to live in the East, and the other party went to live in the West, and with their great knowledge they built nuclear weapons on the principle of a neutron explosive and a laser weapon. Then they carried out raids on each other's territory, always with the intention of stealing, perhaps kidnapping would sound better, their opponents' women.

    “Raids called for counter-raids, and their great ships sped ceaselessly across the world and back again. And what happened is just a matter of history; the smaller party who were the right ones, in desperation dropped a bomb over where the wrong party were living. Nowadays people relate that area to the ‘Bible Lands’.

    Everything was destroyed. The desert, which is now there, was once a sparkling sea with many boats upon its surface. But when the bomb dropped the land tipped and all the water ran away down the Mediterranean and out to the Atlantic, and all the water left in the
    area was the Nile. We can actually see all this, Lobsang, because we have machines here which will pick up scenes from the past.”

    “Scenes from the past, Master? Seeing what happened a million years ago? It doesn't seem possible.”

    “Lobsang, everything is vibration or, if you like, if you want to sound more scientific, you will say that everything has its own frequency. So if we can find the frequency—and we can—of these events we can ac-
    tually chase them, we can make our instruments vibrate at a higher frequency and so it will rapidly overtake impulses which were sent off a million years ago. And if then we reduce the frequency of our machines then, if we match our frequency with those originally emitted by the sages of old, we can see exactly what happened. It is too early to tell you about all this, but we travel in the fourth dimension so that we can
    overtake a thing in the third dimension, and then if we just sit still we can actually watch everything that happened, and we can have a good laugh at some of the things written in history books and compare those
    works of fiction with what really happened. History books are a crime because history distorts what happened, it leads one into wrong ways. Oh yes, Lobsang, we have the machine here, actually in the next room,
    and we can see what people called the Flood. We can see what people called Atlantis. But, as I told you, Atlantis was just the term for lands which sank. They sank to a certain extent in the area of Turkey, and a
    certain continent near Japan sank as well. Come in with me, I am going to show you something.” The Lama rose to his feet, and I rose and followed him.

    “Of course, we have recorded many of these scenes because it is a lot of hard work actually tuning-in to the incidents themselves. But we have tuned very accurately and we have an absolute record of precisely what did occur. Now,” he fiddled with some little reels which were in serried ranks against a wall, and at last he stopped at one and continued, “this will do, now take a look at this.” He put the little reel in a machine, and
    the great model of the Earth—oh, it must have been about twenty-five feet in diameter—seemed to come to life again. To my amazement it spun and moved sideways and then moved back a bit further, and it stopped.

    I looked at the scene on this world, and then I ‘looked’ no longer. I was there. I had every impression that I was there. There was a beautiful land, the grass was the greenest I had ever seen, and I was standing
    on the edge of a beach of silver sand. People were there lounging, some had highly decorative and highly suggestive swimsuits, and some wore nothing. They, the ones who wore nothing, certainly looked far more
    decent than those who had a piece of cloth which merely titillated one's sexual interest.
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    Hii ni joke au