Cctv in public toilet!


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Mar 23, 2011
today i went to a certain bank in town to deposit my friends's account. while i was in a queue i felt like taking a leak and one of the staff showed me where the public toilet for all customers is located. Suprizingly I found a cctv cam located in a manner that it cannot easily be identified. sonce that i have been wonderin the reason of this. and if there is a cam in mens washroom what happens to womens washroom? what is the intetion of this?
Hiyo hairuhusiwi. Hebu waweke wazi hapa tuwajue. That is an invasion of privacy kwa hali ya juu kabisa.
huo ni udhalilishaji.......hebu taja ni bank gani ili tuwe tunaempty matank yetu kabisa tukienda huko....khaaa....
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