Bungoma teachers seek prayers, exorcism as demons terrorise pupils


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Aug 5, 2011
Jun. 09, 2017, 9:00 am

Staff at Okanya Primary School in Bungoma have asked religious leaders to cleanse the institution, saying it has been attacked by demons.

Head teacher Eliud Walekwa told journalists on Thursday that evil spirits have been terrorising students in classrooms and the school compound.

He said the evil spirits get into the children, forcing them to faint, while others make strange and funny sounds as they fall to the ground.

"The issue was first discovered in first term when class three pupils, mostly girls, began having problems of falling and fainting. We gave them first aid thinking this was normal. Teachers [would even call] parents to take them home for treatment," he said.

"We even thought the students were fainting because of poor air circulation. Their class had more than 130 pupils. But we noticed strange things... whenever they fainted, they would begin to speak and act strangely."

He noted the incidents have increased tension and fear in the school that has more then 700 pupils.

"We started conducting prayers and while praying, some of the students would speak strange words. They seemed to be possessed by evil spirits," the head teacher said.

Walekwa said the learners take 10-15 minutes to regain consciousness after prayers and then return to class.

"We as a school are now scared and don't know what to do. We were planning to have a special day to cast out all the evil spirits that could be hovering here because they might affect the school's performance."

A class six pupil who spoke to The Star said she usually feels strange and dizzy in the afternoons. She said her schoolmates are afraid and are moving to other schools.,

Bungoma teachers seek prayers, exorcism as demons terrorise pupils

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