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Brazilian President to grace Dar es Salaam Trade Fair

Discussion in 'Biashara, Uchumi na Ujasiriamali' started by ngoshwe, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. ngoshwe

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    Jun 28, 2010
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    PRESIDENT Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil will be the guest of honour at the official opening of this year's 34th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF) on July 7.

    The Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair starts today at Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Grounds along Kilwa Road in Dare es Salaam.

    Meanwhile, Capital-Plus International, a fast growing PR and marketing communications company has been appointed by the Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) to manage public relations and publicity during this year's Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair.

    The Tanzania Trade Development Authority (TanTrade) formerly the Board of External Trade (BET) was transformed recently to oversee the growth and development of trade in the country.

    Speaking in Dar es Salam on Sunday, TanTrade Director General, Ramadhan Khalfan said that the fair needs maximum coverage to woo investors as well as promote the local businesses and products.

    ''This year's trade fair promises to be one of the best events ever organized in the recent years. Everything is in place to ensure the visitors enjoy their time during Saba Saba'', he said.

    He said CPI experience would be vital in communicating to the outside world about the trade fair which has attracted over 16 countries.

    ''We are counting on CPI vast experience in public relations and marketing communications to promote the TanTrade activities as well as the trade fair'', he added.

    On his part, CPI's Head of Public Relations and Media, Mr Raymond Kanyambo said that his company was happy to be associated with the trade fair and promised an aggressive media publicity during the event.

    ''We will deploy a strong team that will be based at the trade fair round-the-clock services during the eleven-day event'', he said.

    He added that his company would also offer media publicity service to other exhibitors so as to reach their diversified customers. The event will run from today and end on July 8.

    The entrance fees have been pegged at 2,500/- for adults and 1,000 for children during the weekdays. The organizers said that during the opening of the event on Friday, adults will pay 3,000/- while a fee for children has been pegged at 1,500/-.

    The soft opening of the trade fair will be held on Friday and would be graced by the Secretary General of the East Africa Community (EAC), Ambassador Juma Mwapachu.

    At the same time, overall preparations for the 34th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair have been completed while exhibitors are busy making final touches in their kiosks especially on products to be displayed at the fair.

    Speaking in Dar es Salaam at the Mwalimu Nyerere Trade Fair grounds on Sunday, the Director General of TanTrade Mr Ramadhani Khalfan said, almost all participants have completed arrangements and are ready for the exhibition.

    ''With only four days left before the soft opening of the trade fair, exhibitors are ferrying various products to their respective kiosks with most of them working tirelessly to ensure meeting the opening day deadline,'' said the TanTrade director general, Mr Ramadhani, who until recently was the director of Board of External Tanzania (BET).

    ''Arrangements for the opening and other things related to the trade fair are done and TanTrade has put measures to ensure its success including addressing challenges that might arise,'' the TanTrade boss said, adding that:

    ''The authority expects a lot of co-operation from 100 participants who attended a preparatory seminar and received a briefing on several regulations governing the 34th Dar es Salaam Trade fair exhibitions.

    ''Together with briefing participants, we also have focused on ensuring successful implementation of all activities under our authority and depend on the co-existing relationship with the respective exhibitors.

    ''Also, we expect the Brazilian President to be the Guest of Honour at the official opening of the exhibition which will host about 15 countries and 60 local companies are scheduled to showcase their products in the 11-day trade fair.''

    This year's trade fair exhibition is themed to centre on the 'Agriculture first' initiative popularly known as Kilimo Kwanza, as part of joining the government efforts in strengthening the agriculture sector. Daily News | Brazilian President to grace Dar es Salaam Trade Fair
  2. Chapakazi

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    Jun 28, 2010
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    Tunaanza kuwakaribisha waBrazil ehhe?who will be next?
  3. Masikini_Jeuri

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    Jun 30, 2010
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    The Mexicans!! ama ungependelea waje the Lithuanians?
  4. Invisible

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    Jun 30, 2010
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    Kenya is among other East Africa countries that are expected to showcase her various goods and services in the 10-day 34th Dar es Salaam International Trade fair that kicked off on Monday. The Trade Fair, whose Theme is “Kilimo Kwanza” (Agriculture First) will see member countries from the five East Africa countries showcase their goods and services.

    Speaking in Nairobi on Monday, Kenya’s Trade Minister, Amos Kimunya said that the trade fair is important as it will emphasis on the important role of agriculture as the foundation for regional industries.

    “Our participation in the 34th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair will boost the spirit of good neighbourliness’ and foster deeper relationship in the East African Community,” said the minister.

    He said that the Trade Fair will give the region opportunity to create market linkages, build strategic alliances as well as partnerships with other business partners including those who come from beyond the region.

    “The Trade fair will also be used as a platform for our business communities to learn from each other, test the market, launch new products and services and deepen and strengthen corporate and brand awareness in East Africa Community market,” he added.

    The minister observed that the timing of the fair coincides with the coming into fruition of the Common Market from July 1.

    The five East Africa countries are

    • Kenya,
    • Uganda,
    • Tanzania,
    • Burundi and
    • Rwanda

    MAMA POROJO JF-Expert Member

    Jul 1, 2010
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    [FONT=&quot](34TH DITF)[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]28TH JUNE TO 8TH JULY, 2010[/FONT]


    TELEPHONE: +255-22-2850238/2850153
    FAX: +255-22-2850239/2850532/2850539


    Duration: 28th June to 8th July, 2010
    Venue: Mwalimu J. K. Nyerere Trade Fair Grounds,
    Kilwa Road, Dar es Salaam.
    Theme: KILIMO KWANZA literally translated in English as “Agriculture First”
    - Traders Days: Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd July, 2010 from
    10.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs
    - General Public: The rest of the days (other than the time specified for Traders Days).

    Judging Exercise: 29th - 30th June, 2010

    Official Opening Ceremony:
    Thurday 1st July, 2010 in the afternoon.

    Number of Exhibitors in 2009:
    - Total 2,126
    - Local 1,760
    - Foreign 343
    - Countries represented 23

    Size of Exhibition: Gross Area - 160,000 sqm.
    Net Exhibition - 35,000 sqm (covered and open)

    Exhibitors Profile: The ranges of exhibits include the following:
    - Agricultural products - Food and Beverages.
    - Textiles, garments and yarns.
    - Manufactured products.
    - Information and Communication Technology.
    - Construction materials
    - Automobiles
    - Electrical goods and appliances
    - Farm implements
    - Chemicals and cosmetics.
    - Timber and furniture
    - Trade in services
    - Machinery &Engineering products
    - Computer software
    - Gift articles and handicrafts
    - Etc.
    Prohibited Exhibits: Arms and ammunition, drugs, political and religious affairs.

    Visitors Profile: - Consumers and traders
    -Business executives
    -General public

    Visitors in 2009: - General Public (est.) - 743,212
    - Business visitors (est.) - 6,900 - Overseas visitors (est.) - 5,750

    Membership: UFI – The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

    Exhibition Halls: Exhibition hall facilities range from individual pavilions to large exhibition halls of up to a gross area of 3,800 square metres. The fair grounds have rentable space of about 35,000 square metres (net).

    Main Exhibition Halls:
    Karume Hall
    Karume Annex
    Pavilion No. 10
    Pavilion No. 15
    Pavilion No. 72
    Pavilion No. 80
    Pavilion No. 51
    Pavilion No. 14
    Saba Saba Hall
    Pavilion No. 33

    In addition to these, there are several halls/pavilions which are individually owned. Open space is available for exhibits requiring outdoor display.

    Space Allocation: Space is allocated in multiples of 9 sqm. The minimum space allocation in shared exhibition halls and 50 sqm in open space. Independent pavilions are allocated according to their net exhibition areas. Self owned pavilions are allocated and charged as per plot area.

    Equipment available on hire:
    From the Organizers: - Prefab Equipment, Tables and Chairs
    From private suppliers: - Display Boxes, show cases, shelves, Carpets, TV,
    DVD, Fridges, etc.

    Cost of Exhibition Space:
    Type of Space
    Rate per m2
    Rate per m2
    1. Self Owned Pavilion
    TAS 15,000/=​
    USD 50​
    2. Outdoor Space for Display of
    Machinery Only. (Minimum area 50m2)
    TAS 15,000/=​
    USD 50​
    3. Covered Hall Area
    3.1 Raw space (Minimum area 45m2)
    3.1.1 Other Halls
    3.1.2 Karume/Saba Saba Halls

    3.2 Ready built stands- Mwandoro Square
    3.2.1Mwandoro Square (Minimum area 9m2)

    3.2.2 Karume//Saba Saba Halls (Minimum
    area 9m2)

    TAS 45,000/=

    TAS 70,000/=​

    USD 150​
    USD 100​
    USD 120​
    USD 70​

    USD 150​
    3Garbage Collection
    * All Rates are VAT exclusive.
    TAS 20,000/=​
    per applicant​
    USD 25​
    per applicant​

    DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: 31st March, 2010 (Space will offered under “first come first served” criteria

    Additional Information
    (i)A Trade Fair Catalogue is published before the commencement of the Fair. Advertisements are accepted on submission of artworks and fees. Rates are available through our Advertising Agents. Exhibitors are requested to submit their application forms before the deadline or else risk the chance of not being listed in the Official Catalogue.

    (ii)Clearing of exhibits is done through appointed Agents. You may wish to contact the Organizers for the list of official agents.

    (iii)Hotel accommodation can be arranged on request.

    (iv)Utility facilities are available as follows:-
    ·Electricity consumption in shared halls is free

    ·Electricity in individual pavilions is connected and paid for directly to TANESCO (the power supply company).

    ·Telephones can be supplied by the Tanzania Telecommunications Company Ltd. on request. Five mobile phone companies are operating in Tanzania and can also provide the necessary services.

    (v)Spot sales are allowed in designated spaces only. The exhibitor should inform the organizer well in advance if he/she intends to conduct spot sales. The intention should be indicated on the reverse side of the Application Form.

    (vi)Shipment of exhibits to Tanzania should be done much earlier such that are cleared one week before the commencement of the fair. It normally takes about two weeks to clear goods from the port if all documents are in order.

    (vii)The organizer will not be responsible for any clearing delays caused by failure to comply with the above conditions on the part of the exhibitor.

    (viii)Exhibitors are advised to attend without fail a Pre-Fair Seminar in mid June 2010. Date, Venue and Content of the seminar will be communicated later.

    (ix)Exhibitors are adviced to have fire extinguishers on their stands.

    (x)Exhibitors are required to insure their exhibits in their stands against risks.

    (xi)Playing of music is prohibited.

    (xii)Visa Application
    The organizer can assist in the processing of entry visas for participants to the Fair if requested. The type of visa will be the one which allows applicatints to “carry out temporary business” i.e. Business Visas. Applicants are required to fill in the Visa Application Forms, send two colour passport size photos, copies of passport covering the pages with a photo issue and validity dates, names and number. BET will charge US $ 30.00 for processing the documents. Visas will be faxed back or left at the airport arrival desk. Such documents should reach BET before 10th June 2010.

    There are high class restaurants offering services during the trade fairs. Both African and International Cuisine are served. In addition to the high class restaurants, there are also middle class restaurants offering mostly local dishes.

    (xiv)Advert Space
    Strategic out-door advert spaces are available. Demand for these spaces is highest during the International Trade Fairs and events. Clients may choose to put their adverts to one or more of the following:-
    ·Bill Boards on the wall surrounding the Fair Grounds
    ·Road signage
    ·Pavilion branding
    ·Hosting of banners during the event

    (xv)Car Park
    The DITF has a large car parking lot, which is situated outside the Fair Grounds complex. Only authorized vehicles may be brought into the fair grounds. Authorized vehicle must be parked in designated car parks. All vehicles brought into the Fair Grounds are at the owner’s risk.

    (xvi)Business Centre
    The Business Services Bureau (BSB) located in the office of the Directorate of Research and Planning, Plot No. 82 A offers Secretarial Services, photocopying, binding, typing, internet surfing, etc. A token fee is charged for the services rendered.

    Procedure for Importation of Exhibition Samples and Goods
    (i)All Imported goods must be declared in the Import Declaration Form (IDF) obtainable in Customs or TISCAN offices at the cost of USD 10

    (ii)On arrival, the goods have to be inspected by M/S TISCAN (Destination Inspection). A fee of 1.2% FOB value and USD 10 processing fees will be payable to Customs; including duties and taxes.

    (iii)Trade samples and stand construction equipment are to be declared under Temporary Importation documents with bond security (CB 10) or cash deposit payable.

    (iv)All FCL-Containers are subject to Destination Inspection and tax payment to them before release, is mandatory.

    (v)All goods for exhibition and sale while the exhibition is in progress, are subject to full payment of taxes before release.

    (vi)Exhibitors sharing container through their Embassies shall be treated like exhibitors in No. (iii) above.

    (vii)Goods for destruction must have prior approval on application from the Commissioner for Customs and Excise (T).

    (viii)In all cases an appointed Customs C & F Agent shall be entrusted to clear exhibitors goods to avoid delays emanating from clearance Ignorance.

    Exhibitors are requested to contact the Clearing Agents for information on Import Duties, Excise Duty and VAT for respective products they want to import so that they can know in advance the amount of tax liability they have to pay on arrival. Under declaration is an offence.

    Procedures for sale of goods during the Fair (Foreigners)
    Foreigners who intend to sell their goods should follow the following procedure:

    . Submit a request to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Office – Samora or Temeke Branches showing value of goods imported together with the expected sales proceeds.

    . Pay Stamp Duty deposit to TRA at a rate of T.Shs. 40/= for each T.Shs. 1,000/= (0.04%).

    . Ensure that after payments of stamp duty deposit cash sale books and receipt books are endorsed by TRA Regional Revenue Officers indicating that Stamp Duty has been paid.

    . Make sure that the endorsed cash sale or receipts are issued to customers upon sale.

    . At the end of exhibition liaise with Regional Revenue Officer for stamp duty adjustment.

    . Note that the above procedure can be done by the Clearing and Forwarding Agents on Exhibitors behalf.

    Procedures for sale of goods during the Fair (Locals)
    . Local exhibitors who are registered under VAT must ensure that they issue Tax Invoices or receipts to customers generated from Electronic Cash Registers. At the same time those who have Stamp Duty Composition Agreement should issue Receipts or Cash Sales accordingly.

    . For local exhibitors who are neither registered under VAT nor under Stamp Duty Composition Agreement should comply with the same procedures as for foreigners above.

    . TRA officers will all the time visit the trade fair to examine tax compliance. In case you need further information contact them in their offices located in BET’s premises.


    An extensive marketing campaign is already underway to attract more Exhibitors and visitors for the 34th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair.

    The strategies include the following:-

    . Direct mailing to the past DITF participants

    . Radio promotion and TV adverts.

    . Advertising in major local news papers.

    . Mobilization through the Tanzanian Foreign Missions abroad.

    . Promotion through the local or foreign Chamber of Commerce and Industry association.

    . Placement of extensive street banners/posters, billboards and road signage.

    . Direct approach to Foreign Missions in Dar es Salaam through door to door canvassing.

    . Inserting adverts in the world wide exhibition directories

    . Promotion through our BET website http//

    MAMA POROJO JF-Expert Member

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    Washiriki wengi mwaka huu hawana sifa hizo hapo juu. Inashangaza 77 ya mwaka huu washiriki ni wizara na idara za serikali. JWTZ, Fedha, Benki Kuu, Afya, magereza, JKT, Biashara na viwanda, (hakuna kiwanda chochote TZ kilichoshiriki), mali asili na utalii, machinga etc.