Bill Gates face 2 face with god! (joke)


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May 26, 2011
Bill Gates suddenly dies and
finds himself face to face with
God stood over Bill Gates and
said, "Well Bill, I'm really
on this one. It's a tough
decision; I'm not sure whether
to send
you to Heaven or Hell. After all,
you helped society enormously
by putting a computer in
almost every home in America,
yet you
also created that ghastly
Windows '95 among other
I believe I'll do something I've
never done before; I'll let you
decide where you want to go."
Bill pushed up his glasses,
looked up at God and replied,
"Could you briefly explain the
difference between the two?"
Looking slightly puzzled, God
said, "Better yet, why don't
I let you visit both places
briefly, then you can make your
decision. Which do you choose
to see first, Heaven or Hell?"
Bill played with his pocket
protector for a moment, then
back at God and said, "I think I'll
try Hell first." So, with a flash
of lightning and a cloud of
smoke, Bill Gates went to Hell.
When he materialized in Hell,
Bill looked around. It was a
beautiful and clean place, a bit
warm, with sandy beaches and
tall mountains, clear skies,
pristine water, and beautiful
frolicking about. A smile came
across Bill's face as he took in a
deep breath of the clean air.
"This is great," he thought, "if
is Hell, I can't wait to see
Within seconds of his thought,
another flash of lightning and
a cloud of smoke appeared, and
Bill was off to Heaven. Heaven
was a place high above the
clouds, where angels were
about playing their harps and
singing in a beautiful chorus.
It was a very nice place, Bill
thought, but not as enticing as
Bill looked up, cupped his hands
around his mouth and yelled for
God and Bill Gates was sent to
Hell for eternity.
Time passed, and God decided
to check on the late billionaire
see how he was progressing in
Hell. When he got there, he
Bill Gates shackled to a wall in a
dark cave amid bone thin men
and tongues of fire, being
burned and tortured by
"So, how is everything going?"
God asked.
Bill responded with a crackling
voice filled with anguish and
disappointment, "This is awful!
It's nothing like the Hell I
visited the first time!! I can't
believe this is happening!
What happened to the other
place....with the beaches and
mountains and the beautiful
"That was the screensaver," replied

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