Bill Cosby on meet the press jana asubuhi-video

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Sep 5, 2006
Huyu mzee nilikuwa namheshimu tangu enzi za COSBY SHOW na sasa hivi ana command so much respect toka kwangu kwani anazungumza mengi ambayo baadhi ya watu hawayataki lakini yote ni katika kutake responsibility of our actions.Jana niliirekodi hii na nimeingiza on ZSHARE and frankly speaking he just handled himself in typical Cosby fashion... "I will tell the truth and get criticized for it."
Yeah...hata mimi niliiangalia jana. He makes a lot of sense


Binafsi,I totally agree with the Cosby. Black people need to be held accountable for their actions. Simply blaming white America ain't gonna cut it anymore. African Americans gotta make a difference and change because THEY (white america) sure as hell ain't.Kwenye hiyo link there was a clip showing Cosby speaking at some church in Detroit. He talks about how 75% of the city is black and of those blacks only 27% voted...sasa swali je Mwanakijiji ni katika percentage gani ya hao?

Now things like this are what the Cosby is talking about. Voting is something that A.A's can do. Can't blame that on whites for not going to vote. However they need to be blamed for fucking up the voting count but that's another story. Basically Bill Cosby speaks the truth once again and many blacks want to live in fantasy world and pretend blacks are not responsible for SOME of their community. Now don't get me wrong, blacks are always under the oppression of systematic hate and racism in America, however they need to stop the blame game for now and start taking back their communities first

Cant hate the man na ni mzee ambaye ninamheshimu sana

Nice one Cos na kesho Jumatano atakuwa kwenye Oprah Winfrey Show nitaweka link nikisharekodi
Do you Think What I'm Thinking?
A Parent(Single Mother)names her Child:'Snoop Dog',that Child Grows Up known by that TITLE,todate He still uses the same title in the so called SUCCESFUL carrier!!You see,the same ideology being manipulated in places like Tanzania,Under the Umbrella of Bongo flavor(Swahili Rap Music) you find Titles Like 'Dudu Baya','Xplastaz','Dogy Man'and you find people actualy Glorifying such Non-sense!!We need to Ask ourselves; WHAT WENT WRONG?? surely there's more than one Answer to that,and one that should be EDUCATION.
We (black Pple.)need to Educate ourselves/ Children,Not just in America,we couldn't do it then so lets do it now!lets have more options in Life not just MTV, Bongo flav or CCM!!
Huyu kweli kaishiwa sio vizuri namna hiyo wengine tunaangalia na watu wazima. Nilikua na mama mkwe wakati nafungua. Shen..@ type.
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