amvo0.dll Removal Instructions


Feb 11, 2006
The filename amvo0.dll was first seen on Dec 8 2007 in SPAIN. It has also been seen in the following geographical regions:

- MEXICO on Jan 7 2008
- The EUROPEAN UNION on Jan 5 2008
- THAILAND on Jan 15 2008
- PORTUGAL on Dec 11 2007

The filename amvo0.dll refers to many versions of a dynamic link library.

The most common file size is 45,421 bytes. But the following file sizes have also been seen:

- 54,784 bytes
- 45,507 bytes

The filename is associated with the malware group Trojan.Legmir.A.

These files have no vendor, product or version information specified in the file header.

amvo0.dll has been seen to perform the following behavior(s):

  • The Process is packed and/or encrypted using a software packing process
  • The Process is polymorphic and can change its structure
amvo0.dll has been the subject of the following behavior(s):
  • Created as a process on disk
  • Registered as a Dynamic Link Library File
  • The process is hooked into all running processes which could allow it to take control of the system or record keyboard input, mouse activity and screen contents
  • Deleted as a process from disk
amvo0.dll can also use the following file names:
  • 49096256.SVD
  • A0201802.DLL
  • 65828818.DLL
  • 29897739.DLL
  • 30191033.DLL
  • 36462834.SVD
  • 69778788.DLL
  • 65087893.DTA
  • 08186043.DTA
  • 48727952.DTA
  • 91653902.SVD
  • 39757859.SVD
  • 54900614.DLL
  • 48789353.DLL
  • 55495567.DLL
  • 80547817.DTA
  • 05833389.SVD
You will find this trojan under: C:\WINDOWS\system32\amvo0.dll

How to Remove it?

Follow next posts for removal instructions...
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