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Ajali haina kinga zako zikifika zimefika

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Babylon, Mar 3, 2012.

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    Mar 3, 2012
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    Pictured with terror on their faces: The moment student was crushed to death in surge towards nightclub exit

    This is the terrifying moment partygoers charged towards a nightclub's exit in a crush which killed a student.
    Nabila Nanfuka, 22, [​IMG]died as the crowd tried to get out of the packed Northampton venue at closing time.

    With concerned looks on their faces, hundreds of young people can be seen surging towards the doors of the Lava and Ignite Club.

    [​IMG] Nightclub terror: The crowd surge towards the exit at Lava and Ignite, with horrified looks on their faces

    Tragic ... student reveller Nabi

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Victim: Nabila,22, leisure and tourism student, was described by her family as 'one in a million' and a 'beautiful person'

    Yesterday the council's licensing committee suspended the club's licence while an investigation is carried out.
    Two other people were critically ill in hospital after being crushed as everyone tried to get out after it was apparently announced that buses were about to leave.
    Tragic Nabila was a leisure and tourism student who was described by her family as 'one in a million' and a 'beautiful person'.
    Miss Nanfuka's younger brother Fahad Msimbe paid tribute to his sister and called her his 'best friend'.

    Speaking outside the family home in Neasden, north-west London, he said: 'She affected so many people's lives and put other people first.

    'She is one in a million, really. She was my best friend, my sister. I still haven't come to terms with the fact she has passed away, it still hasn't sunk in.

    'She was a really beautiful person in every way. She was really interested in the leisure and tourism industry, but she didn't have a specific role that she wanted to take when she finished [university].

    'My mother is torn apart. She is finding it difficult, like most mothers would.'

    Northamptonshire Police officers were called to the nightclub in Northampton town centre around 3.30am on Wednesday.

    There were claims that the event at the Lava & Ignite club in Northampton was overcrowded and tickets had been oversold.

    Julie Seddon, Northampton Borough Council's director for environment and culture, spoke outside the meeting.

    [​IMG] Huge crowd: The nightclub packed to capacity in the minutes before Nabila Nanfuka was killed in a crush. Two other people were also critically injured

    [​IMG] Horror: Nabilia, a third-year-student at Northampton University, was crushed as hundreds of clubbers stampeded for the doors of the club

    She said: 'Northampton Borough Council's licensing committee has today held a summary review into the licence of lava and ignite.

    'This was in response to an application made by Northamptonshire Police following an incident at the club earlier this week where a woman died.

    'The Licensing Committee has decided that; due to the severity of the incidents reported, the loss of life and the number of serious injuries, the only viable course of action is to Suspend the Premises Licence.

    'This is an interim decision and a full hearing into the licence will be held within the next 28 days.'
    The stampede which killed Miss Nanfuka is thought to have followed an announcement that students had ‘ten minutes to get on the coaches or they will go without you’ at around 3.30am yesterday.

    A fire alarm was then also triggered, which caused the crowd surge to escalate further.
    One 19-year-old who passed out in the crush said that when she regained consciousness, she saw the lifeless body of a woman trapped under other fallen clubbers.

    The student, who travelled to the ‘Wickedest Wickedest’ event from London, said: ‘People were pushing, pushing, pushing to get out. A lot of us just couldn’t breathe.

    Probe: Lava and Ignite in Northampton has had its licence suspended while an investigation is carried out

    ‘I ended up on my front, trying to find a gap to breathe through, but there were so many people on top of me.

    ‘Every time somebody was pulled out of the pile of bodies, more people fell forward on top of us. It was awful. I thought I was going to die.

    ‘I’m sure I passed out for a few minutes. When I came around, I saw a girl’s body below me, to my left.

    ‘Her eyes were closed and she had people lying on top of her. Everybody else was trying to move or screaming, but she was motionless.’
    The event was attended by students from universities as far away as Canterbury, as well as others across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Birmingham and the East Midlands.
    Students paid £15 for a ticket to the event, which included coach travel.

    But some of those attending alleged that although the event was a sell-out in advance, extra tickets were sold on the door, pushing the attendance well above the venue’s 1,300 capacity.
    By 1am, it was so busy staff were said to be turning away even those who already had tickets.

    One clubber claimed as many as 2,000 people may have been inside by the end.