A Proud father!


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Apr 12, 2008
A man has six children and is very proud of his achievement. He is so proud of himself, that he starts calling his wife, "Mother of Six", in spite of her objections.

One night, they go to a party. The man decides that it's time to go home and wants to find out if his wife is ready to leave as well. He shouts at the top of his voice, "Shall we go home 'Mother of six?'".

His wife, irritated by her husband's lack of discretion shouts right back, "Anytime you're ready, Father of Four".


Jul 28, 2007
am sure palikuwa hapatoshi humo ndani, lazima pawe padogo tu, saves him right tho, wife alikuwa hapendi kuitwa that way anyway....just like the way u put it...eti treat people like people......love it


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May 23, 2008
She may have said that to put to an end the "mother of six" saga,am sure it was never used again

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