A not well fabricated Lie......


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Oct 29, 2008
A woman tells her husband that she was visiting her sick mum in the village....She left on Friday and returned on Sunday with lots of fruits and food stuff, telling the husband they're gifts for the family from her mum in the village.
The husband gently asks her about her mother's health, and how she was doing, to which she replied that she took her to the hospital in the village, and she is recovering and getting better.The wife adds that her mother insisted that she must re-visit the
village in a few days, to spend at least a week
with her."I'm worried about Mama..." the wife crooned, with tears swelling in her eyes. "She'll be fine, dear." Hubby lovingly replied.
The husband then politely asks her to take the items to the kitchen...As she enters, she saw her mother preparing food in the kitchen...Apparently, her mum came visiting since the Friday that she left home.... You can imagine the plight of this woman... stuck, shocked, dazed and dumbfounded at the kitchen door...... whether to go in and drop the items 'from mama', or return to her hubby in the living room.....!!!


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Mar 4, 2013
It might be she was abducted by Boko haramu or her transport had disappeared like Malaysian Boeing M377

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