10 photos that will confuse you at first glance

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Oct 22, 2016
Beauty is a wonderful genre of photography and Photography is just an addition of beauty to life. photography includes commercial and editorial imagery.Some people have nailed it in creating some of the best pictures one of them being Leonardo da Vinci the 15th and 16th Century artist who has always fascinated us with the portrait of Mona Lisa that sits on a museum in Paris which is worth a stunning US $850 million.Some have also been able to capture most confusing pictures that until one looks at them twice he is going to get confused by them.

1.I swear there is only 1 towel

If you are seeing two towels take a close look and you gonna find out that the white dog is laying it's head on the towel

2.This is a lawn and not a concert

Oh Man!This one got me too, Though it was a famous musician like Michael Jackson doing a concert,but in reality it's just a lawn.

3.Chickens??absolutely not

Just some milk bottles and not chicken

4.Weird nose situation


These two love birds are sharing love affection and probably you might think the nose is for woman but no!That's the male nose.
5.This is not a Photo of Jupiter

Oh no!!this is not planet Jupiter?so what is it?these are ducks swimming in a swampy region.

6.Driver confusion

I wouldn't judge you if you thought the dog was driving,but the dog is sitting at the back seat peeping through the drivers seat to see ahead.
7.Bride's legs are over the groom's shoulder?


Definitely not!The groom is lifting up his bride.
8.Truck carrying a Cruise Ship

Take a second look and you will see that the truck is on the road and the cruise ship is on the canal
9.We got a cat chef in the house?

Cat just sitting and the hand holding the pan is just a picture on the wall.
10.Girl lifting the man or the man lifting the girl?

look closely and you will see the man is the one lifting the girl.

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